[511] 2022-06-26 Long Walking with Natalie Rehm

A few days ago, I received an email from two Germans who wanted to meet me in the morning of departure at Germering area. Those two women were Natalie Rehm and Eugenie Scherb. Natalie Rehm indicated that she would like to walk together for the day. Eugenie Scherb sent a message that she wanted to greet my departure at the city center.

1. A commemorative photo with two women and their companions who greeted me at the city center.

2. Natalie Rehm standing in the left side of this photo brought the NO NUKE insignia she made yesterday.

3. Euginie Scherb stands in the middle of this photo.

4. Euginie Scherb showed an article that she introduced about my pilgrimage in local newspaper. It’s a glorious and grateful thing.

5. And she delivered me several papers written in English by her husband, Hagen Scherb, who was a scientist. Just looking at the titles, it seems to deal with an important topic regarding problems of nuclear power generation. These papers are worth reading.

6. She gave me a letter wishing success of my pilgrimage and gift of 150 euros.

7. I showed my selfie skill.

8. We enjoyed the refreshments they prepared.

9. We took a commemorative photo.

10. I said goodbye to each of them by holding hands.

11. I started walking.

12. Today‘s course is long distance, 30 kilometers.
Fortunately, the daytime temperature is around 24 degrees. However, the sunlight is intense.

13. Natalie Rehm is walking together.

14. She is 48 years old and has a grown-up son. Her husband is a web engineer and she is working at an office too. She said that her grandmother was Japanese, and hometown of her grandmother was near Fukushima.

15. I walked this wonderful forest path with her guidance.



18. She was a devout Catholic. She takes a reverent posture whenever she encounters religious tombstone.

19. I took a selfie with the villagers walking the forest trail after she explained my pilgrimage in detail.

20. There is also this kind of monotonous road.



23. She bought me a delicious dish for lunch.

24. This is a postcard gift she gave me at this time. The photo in the middle of upper row is related to Martin Luther. Her father is also from this village.

25. On the back of postcard, there is a mention about Martin Luther’s Alps Route. And on the right side of postcard, I can see the holy relics of Martin Luther painted on a wand-decorated accessory. Her participation in pilgrimage was not an ordinary karma. There was a deep connection.

26. I took a selfie with kind people of the restaurant.

27. Solar panel is seen in the newly-built house.


29. There is a lot of fallow land.

30. I praised her, saying “you are a strong woman.”

31. Horses are also on the way.



34. The river flowing through the forest is clear. This kind of bath is often seen.

35. A dog and man are swimming together at the river.

36. There was a town concert in late afternoon of Sunday


38. The field looks like a floodplain.

39. The sun is still scorching even though it is close to 5 pm. I gave her the umbrella in my backpack. Her physical strength is great. Perhaps it’s the first time she’s walked such a long distance, but she’s walking ahead.

40. It is wheat ready for harvest.

41. After walking about 20 km together, she departed from me and went to a restaurant for dinner with her husband.

42. I saw barley field while walking alone in remaining section. It is also impressive that barley is not harvested until the end of June. The barley receives plenty of sunlight during harvest period because the sunset is late. This may be the reason why German beer tastes so good.

43. Livestock are walking freely in the meadow, the fallow land.

44. Even though it is past 8 pm, the brightness is like daylight. I realized that the latitude of this area is high.

45. I arrived at today’s accommodation having restaurant near 9 o’clock. Her husband bought me a dish of halibut. She gives me the title Superman!


47. We went to a church where St. Ulrich, catholic saint, is worshiped. I took a selfie of three people.
It was a long, long day that made my feet blister. But it was a wonderful day.

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