[510] 2022-06-25 Start from Munich to Vatican

1. It is Marien Square in Munich again.

2. With Ms. Ham claire, a Korean-German who came to greet me

3. With the citizens who found out the contents of the map and the identity of the traveler in the square,


5. Today is the first day of pilgrimage. The course was short, 17 km.

6. Ms. Ham took a picture of pilgrim’s back.

7. I said goodbye to Ms. Ham in front of the fountain at Carls Square.

8. Vicinity of Munich Central Station

9. Entrance of Central Station

10. The temperature at the time of start is cool, 19 degrees. Until a few days ago, it was said that temperature was over 30 degrees.

11. In the city of Munich, altitude management of buildings is strict.

12. It seems that the exterior walls of old buildings are preserved and only the interior is renewed.

13. High-rise buildings are allowed outside the city.

14. Today is Saturday. I could see people leaving with camper trailer and bicycle.


16. The temperature is cool, but the sunlight is intense.

17. Munich’s urban planning policy is famous in the world.

18. Recently, a new genre of urban planning in response to the climate crisis has been introduced.

19. This is a current status diagram that evaluated the quality of environment, such as heat pollution in Munich. The senior students whom I recently guided for their thesis found this diagram by searching the Munich City Urban Planning Bureau.

20. Similarly, the city of Munich is establishing urban planning strategies from various angles to overcome the climate crisis and environmental problems.

What is impressive to me is the construction of green networks such as urban forest trails.


22. The atmosphere of Munich city is relaxed.

23. Above all, there are open-spaces everywhere where residents can comfortably interact and relax while feeling a sense of unity with the neighborhood.

24. The steam flowing in the residential area is also clear.

25. This picture shows clear Izar River that I saw yesterday

26. Residents enjoy the River.

27. A collective house with impressive wooden exterior walls. The building aimed ecological construction such as insulation and energy saving.


29. Maybe it’s been a long time since I walked, I got a signal from my left leg when I passed 10 kilometers. I sat under this shade and helped blood circulation in my knees.

30. It looks like rye from the appearance, but I can only guess because it is German. For reference, rye is also grown as a green manure crop to fertilize the soil.

31. I reached my destination.

32. Germering is a small town near Munich.

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