[Preparation for departure] Summer pilgrimage in 2022 (from Munich to Vatican) 2022-06-24

Finally, the last pilgrimage to the Vatican is 1,200km.

1. After leaving Seoul five years ago, I will arrive at my destination in two months.

2. This is the third pilgrimage in Europe.

3. It is a difficult yet beautiful course crossing the Alps.

4. Three weeks before departure, I had a meeting with reporters and explained about the last pilgrimage (pictured by Hyunbulnews).

5. A handwritten letter to 100-committee members of the New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes and our supporters (pictured by Hyunbulnews).

6. An English scroll of the <The 2018 Seoul Draft of The Charter on Earth-Life> to be presented to Pope Francis. This scroll was also delivered to the His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness Bartholomew. The scroll paper is a traditional Mungyeong paper with a lifespan of one thousand years. (pictured by Beopbo Newspaper)

7. Mr. Yong-Bock Kim, one of the three co-representatives of the New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes, who passed away last April. I will walk along with his discourse on life which he told me from time to time.

8. Two days before departure, we had an eve party with 100-committee members and acquaintances. Hong Seon-hee, a former Korea Times reporter, is reciting a poem.

9. Lee Sang-hoon, a former professor of Suwon University, who shared difficult days of dismissal with me and helped the English translation of pilgrimage diary, is performing pansori. Professor Lee Ki-young and Dr. Ko Tae-gyu also performed singing songs.

10. The talk show of <Nuclear Phase-out Sarangbang> was also held in Part 2 of this event with Park Chan-gu, an emeritus professor of Seoul National University.

I talked about the Dharmsala pilgrimage when I met the His Holiness Dalai Lama.

11. A photo taken with the party after the eve festival.

12. I got on the plane. Fortunately, COVID-19 pandemic has also subsided in Germany.

13. When I arrived in Munich, Izar River welcomed me.

14. A pilgrimage route extends from Bayern of Germany to Swiss border. I start walking from tomorrow.

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