[509] 2022-02-23 Arriving at Munich

With the citizens who welcomed me after arriving at Marien Square in downtown Munich.

1. The breakfast at the accommodation was sincere and bountiful. It was the first abundant breakfast I have encountered in Europe.

2. Finally, it is the last section of pilgrimage in this winter. It is 18 km course to go to downtown Munich.

3. When I opened the door of the lodging and came out, a group of people waited for me. The person next to me is the Mayor of this small town (population about 10,000). The town is called Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn.

I also received a visiting souvenir from this person. It’s an honor.

4. We started walking together.


6. A commemorative selfie in front of a company (building material manufacturing).

7. We are reflected on the window.

8. The appearance of our group.


10. The newcomers joined pilgrimage.

11. My pose looks good, too.



14. Spring has come early.

15. Germany’s famous Autobahn.

16. Was yesterday’s variable weather a preparation for today’s clear weather?



19. It’s like taking a walk in a spring day.


21. At this station, I was supposed to meet Moon ki-duk, an old acquaintance living in Germany.

22. The person above me is Ki-duk Moon. After studying architecture and urban planning, he now works as a climate officer in a small town in the state of Brandenburg in central Germany. He took time off on purpose in order to interpret my events of today and tomorrow. Thank you.

23. It is a farm for urban farming education.


25. Sheep and chickens.

26. New participants joined our group.

27. A signboard introduces the stories of citizens’ environmental and ecological activities.

28. Among the participants, this person said that her kid was seen on this signboard (lower right). I asked her to stand close to the signboard.

29. Siemens company logo is seen in the distance. When I asked, he said that Siemens rose up in Munich.



32. It is an important indicator that such clean water flows in the middle of the city with 1.5 million population like Munich.


34. When I went up to the roof of a building where I had lunch, the space was turned into a green ranch to raise sheep.

35. The Isar River has been restored as an ecological river and is loved by citizens.

36. Finally I arrived at Marienplatz square.

37. Selfie first.

38. Surprisingly enough, there are citizens who recognize me. This is because Momsen’s news report was broadcast in Bavaria (including Munich and Bavaria).

She worked hard on me five days ago,


39. The same goes for this person. I suddenly feel like a celebrity.

40. A commemorative photo with BUND members and other citizens who welcomed me.

41. A commemorative selfie.

42. These two persons walked together with me from start to finish today. Herbert Richter, Angelika Bauer-Richter, thank you!

43. Showing interest.

44. With the citizens.

45. With ki-duk Moon and his brother-in-law (middle).

46. After the event, I was walking along the main street. Girls who like Sourth Korea showed interest. I took a selfie with them.

47. Korean residents living in Munich also joined the dinner invited by Richard Mergner (left-center).

48. From the left, me, Seungmi Jeong, Jeongsuk Kang, Mr. Mergner, Ki-duk Moon and others, and Mrs. Park Soo-mi.

49. This summer, I will depart for the Vatican from this square.

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