[Epilogue] After finishing winter pilgrimage in 2022  

This is record from the day after arriving in Munich, the last destination of this winter’s pilgrimage, to returning home.

I counted the distance I walked this winter. It was 989 km.

1. On February 24, the day after arrival, I went to Bavaria headquarters of BUND in Munich. I stood beside Chairman Richard Mergner, the representative.

2. Appearances during the press conference



5. After the press conference (from right: Ki-duk Moon, Claire Ham, Mergner, me)

Claire Ham is a filmmaker and a Munich citizen who has struggled with Sewol Ferry issue of Korea with great passion.

6. In the afternoon, I went out to Isar River.

7. In the past, this was a river with artificial environment. The river has undergone re-naturalization. Now the river is loved by citizens.



10. The Bavaria BUND organization, which has 260,000 members, also exerts a lot of influence on local politics. This person is active in the parliament on behalf of BUND.





15. In the evening, I was treated with a generous Korean food at Arisu restaurant run by Mrs. Jeong Seung-mi whom I met yesterday.

16. The problem broke out in the morning of the next day after another rest day. I left the hotel and headed to airport for my return trip to home. Then, I got positive response in PCR test which I received on previous day from German quarantine authority.

15. POSITIVE is stamped on this picture. I couldn’t get on the return flight.

16. I can return to my country only when I get tested again in a week and receive ‘negative’.

17. First of all, I informed those who were in direct contact with me first, and recommended test respectively. They are 7~8 people in total. Fortunately, no one received ‘positive’. Judging from the result, it seems that I was asymptomatic quite a while ago. But I had to follow the regulations. I spent a restless day as I was engrossed in quarantine and countermeasures. And I realized that Germany recommend self-quarantine unlike us. With three-time vaccination certificate, I was able to find a cheap hotel near the central station where I could stay.

18. The next day, I woke up and decided to take a leisurely look around the main areas of Munich.


20. I went to the place where I signed MOU with BUND 10 years ago. This is the Nymphenburg Palace, which was also reported by the Hankyoreh newspaper of Korea.




24. Owner of Arisu restaurant, Jeong Seung-mi, prepared a Korean lunch box for me.

25. The food was enough for two meals. Bulgogi Bibimbap with curry, rice cake and miso soup. I felt like being treated as noble guest.

26. This is a picture we took together a few days ago.

27. The next day, I received a lunch box for two meals focused on japchae.


29. Isar River is good for walking.

30. I heard that Isar River became a haven for many citizens during the prolonged pandemic.



33. On the 5th day of self-quarantine, antigen test was performed.

34. The result was ‘negative’. Thank God! In the meantime, it seems that my condition has improved with plenty of rest and food. I express my thanks again to kind Jung. Now, I only need to pass PCR test after two days.

35. In the night of that day, an outside rally was held against the Ukrainian War.

36. This is the place where Hitler gathered troops to start World War II. It is historically significant to stage an anti-war rally here.

37. The slogan which I suggested was “Putin! Stop atrocities against humanity immediately!”. Ms. Hamclair wrote the slogan in Korean by herself.

38. Ham’s German husband joined the rally.


40. Appearance of speech.

41. After ordering packed lunch at Vietnamese restaurant, I took a selfie.


43. While taking a walk, I diligently perform on-line campaign via smart phone.


45. After PCR test here,

46. ​​I came back to Marienplatz.

47. City Hall building in the square.

48. I finally got a negative result. It is thanks to the support of many people. Now I can go back home.

49. I ate local freshwater fish for dinner before returning home.

50. I left Munich and arrived at Istanbul, stopover airport.

51. Finally.

52. I came back to Korea.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your support.

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