[508] 2022-02-22 With BUND

1. Today’s picture is BUND and members when we signed an MOU 10 years ago.

2. I arrived at Hinrichssegen station near Rosenheim, the starting point, at 9 a.m.

3. I waited and saw my shadow.

4. Mehlo came to the station and parked his bike at the station saying that he would walk together. He walked with me yesterday.

5. And then he guided me today’s course. Since the original course has a lot of traffic and uphill pass, he said he would recommend more safe and comfortable route.

6. Thus, it was originally 26 km course up to the village near Munich, but when I checked the actual route afterwards, it was 29 km.

7. I saw a sign prohibiting dog’s defecation in this alley.


9. He was guiding me along the riverside road as he did yesterday.

10. It is a comfortable and enjoyable road.

11. The processing of river bottom where stream joins the river is worth seeing.

12. Mehlo, who safely guided me throughout the long course today, seems to have a sense of responsibility as a member of BUND.

13. BUND (German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation) was founded by Professor Hubert Weiger, who majored in urban landscape/environment planning, when he was very young. According to Wikipedia, the BUND members reach 660,000 persons, though Mehlo says 1 million members. It is a large civic organization which is the pillar of German environmental and ecological movement.


14. This is a picture of Professor Hubert Weiger whom I met in Berlin in the summer of 2011 right after the Fukushima accident. Although he is in his mid-70s now, he shows the passion of a central figure who made Germany to declare nuclear-free at that time. When he met a visiting group from Korea at the time, he preached the basic direction for the reason that nuclear power should be phased out as follows.

“It’s dangerous even if nuclear power plant is operated normally. Nuclear waste is a bad legacy that lasts for 100 generations because there is no fundamental treatment technology. There is no need for nuclear power plant because there is an alternative energy.”

15. One year later, Professor Ik-Jung Kim and I, who were leading the Korean Professors’ Organization for a Post-Nuclear Energy Society at the time, visited Munich again and signed an MOU with BUND. We agreed to help each other until the day of the nuclear phase out. (Second from the left in the photo is Richard Mergner (Chairman of Bayern Branch, the largest regional organization in BUND now))

A Hankyoreh reporter who joined the visiting group at the time reported in detail.




18. It seems that the articles from the press conference I had in the past have come out quite a bit.


This article is reported by Momsen, Austrian journalist, who carried out passionate coverage. She captured the video of me walking and drew a picture realistically.



21. Mehlo is pointing to the area we are walking.





26. When they remodel an old building, they keep such a record of history.

27. We stopped by an organic store that Mehlo visit regularly. It also serves as a restaurant.

28. We had a delicious lunch made of clean ingredients. Mehlo paid for the meal.

29. I took a selfie with the restaurant owner who heard the story of pilgrimage.

30. I took selfie again so that you can see the name of the restaurant.

31. Today’s weather repeats ‘sunny’ and ‘rainy’ several times.




35. Mehlo walked along the railroad,

36. Soon, he entered the wildlife space. We walked in the forest for a while.

37. Finally, we passed the hill leading to the Munich area.

38. Today, we walked only on safe roads.


40. After my relationship with BUND in 2012, I invited Professor Weiger and Mr. Mergner to Korea to give a lecture. I also arranged a conversation with Professor Weiger and Monk Jeongnyeom of Woljeongsa Temple.


41. Mr. Richard sent congratulatory speech when the New Silk Road for Life & No-nukes was launched in 2017.

(The congratulatory speech will be introduced at the end of this diary.)

We will meet again tomorrow evening in Munich after 5 years.

42. Mehlo explained that for the flexibility of renewable energy in this region, pumped storage hydroelectric power generation using natural topography is also available. Austria has favorable conditions for pumped storage power plant. It is a subject worthy of investigation.

43. As I was passing this town, a resident who said that he saw me on TV yesterday appeared. I missed taking a selfie. I search now.


44. We entered a forest path near our destination.

We walked in the forest for a long time.

45. I express my thanks once again to Mr. Mehlo for walking with me all the way up to the lodging. Danke Schön!

Mergner’s congratulations

<Switch off the nuclear power now!>

Richard MERGNER (BUND, Germany)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of Professor Hurbert Wieger and me, Richard Mergner, we send warmest regards from Germany to your conference. We support the idea and concept of the New Silk Road for No-Nuke and Life of the South Korean young new movement. For ethical, religious, and economic reasons, the world must stop the use of the deadly and uneconomic nuclear energy.

Therefore, we built up a giant alliance for nuclear power phase out during the last years. And we continue to strengthen this cooperation between South Korea and Germany.

I, myself, was in South Korea and Fukushima several times. And I was personally able to experience terrible consequences of the nuclear catastrophe. In addition to the contamination of some environment that continues hundreds and thousands of years and the immense economic damage, there are also social tragedies that take place there. In the Fukushima region, more than half a million of people are effected by either causations. Most of all elderly and low income people and farmers are coming back to their country sheer for emotional reasons. And are exposing themselves to the health hazards even though they know about their harmfulness.

From the lessons learned in Chernobyl and Fukushima, we at Friends of the Earth in Germany with more than half a million members and supporters have promoted the exit from nuclear and fossil fuel energies in the industrial country of Germany. We promote energy safety and renewable energies, not only because they are environmental friendly but also because renewable energies are decentralized energy supply systems which means that energy supply is transformed into democratic structures. Monopolistic structures are to be abolished.

We will support the project and the pilgrimage on its way through Germany. Civil societies and the followers of all religions around the world should support this pilgrimage. I wish the conference and the campaign all the best.

Switch off the nuclear power now!

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