[507] 2022-02-21 People of Rosenheim

This photo is Rosenheim citizens I met today.


This article is about my interview at Traustein, the day before yesterday. It was reported in great detail.

1. Wet snowflakes are seen on window of lodging in the morning.

2. I left behind impressive lodging.

3. Today, 24 km via Rosenheim.

4. Wet snowflakes cover the lake road.

5. It is an elegant morning.



8. After passing through the forest road, downtown is very near.


10. Agricultural machinery store.


12. It is a beautiful city with rose in its name, and population is 60,000 people.

13. Inn River is flowing into Danube.


15. The statue is at the end of the bridge.

16. It was made of pock-marked rock.

17. Looking at the city map,

18. At appointed time, Ursula Fees, the person in charge of BUND, came here.

19. We walked along the riverside for a while,

20. Another BUND member came.

21. I met with reporters.

22. Since I am not good at English, it was a time when I felt uneasy in front of broadcasting camera.

23. A commemorative selfie after the interview.


25. Max-Josef square is the center of the city.

26. I was accompanies by these two persons during daytime.

27. We sat at a cafe in the square and enjoyed coffee.



30. We passed through the street where ancient buildings are located.


32. We arrived at the park and ate prepared kebab.

33. It is a piece of art.

34. Citizens showed curiosity on the way.

35. There was a mural painting at Rosenheim train station.

35. These two men with bicycle led me to underpass.

36. It is a facility related to hydroelectric power generation.

37. We took a long walk along the waterway. They explained that there was a big flood in the past.

38. It is a wonderful healing course.

39. The person in red is Reinhard Mehlo, and the person in blue is Steffen Storandt, who is the chief manager of BUND here.


41. This facility is also a hydroelectric power plant.

42. While crossing a small bridge, a strong wind blew. And BUND flag hung from Mehlo’s bicycle flew over the creek.

43. It is flowing down.

44. Mehlo rolled up his pants and went into the cold water,

45. The sunken flag was rescued. It is a precious flag.

46. The iron plate barrier shown on the left is a device to prevent flooding.

47. The time has come to depart with Storandt. His daughter went Seoul for study two years ago. He is a person friendly towards Korea.


49. Citizens are cheering for the pilgrim.


51. The flag is drying well.

52. Mehlo showed his vest which he wore during the campaign.

53. It is said that modern luxury house was built because of the fine view.

54. They put fish stairs at place where there was a high dam, so that fish could easily go upstream.

55. There are also ecological spaces where otters live.

56. This person guides me throughout the day.

57. As an electric engineer, he told a lot about solar panel installation. He is 63 years old this year, but he is a passionate man just like me.

58. Today’s destination is close.

59. Young students were immediately interested in pilgrim when they found out that I am from South Korea. Mehlo explained my pilgrimage diligently.

They are big, though, they are all 15 years old.

60. They will outlive me and remember me. And they may carry on my pilgrimage.

61. Goodbye~

62. The roof of the apartment house taken near the destination.

63. I would like to express my thanks to Mehlo for accompanying me all day long.

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