[506] 2022-02-20 With Horse & With Kindness

0. Today’s commemorative photo

1. Today, there were also supporters waiting in front of the lodging at 9 o’clock.

2. They are members of BUND in this area.

3. They made and brought fermented ginger apple juice to me early in the morning. It’s a juice like a herbal medicine that gives me strength.

Danke Schön (Thank you!)

4. A commemorative photo.

5. The owner of the lodging was also included in my selfie.

6. Say goodbye~

7. It is 22 kilometer course passing through rural area.


9. Norway spruce forest are found all over Germany. It is a tree belonging to the pine family, and has many uses. The forest I saw in Austria is also a spruce tree, not a pine tree. I’m correcting my mistake. Recently, there is a diagnosis that the condition of this reforestation forest is not good because of the dry climate of summer.

10. This is Matthias Ruh, a resident of this area, who came to join me walking along a part of today’s course.

11. Although it is a rural area, there are many horse ranches for horse race.

12. His two daughters are also said to be good at riding horse.

13. It leads to a walking course in the neighborhood.



16. I showed interest to a woman on a horse. When I asked her if I could take a picture, she asked where I was from. Since it’s South Korea, it’s okay.

17. She took a great pose formally.

18. We pass through the neighborhood where Mr. Ruh lives. There is a sign which indicates “Be careful of children playing around.”




22. Mr. Ruh posed in a scenic spot. He likes Korean movies and kimchi.


24. We entered the forest road.


26. It is a shortcut. Such a forest path is only accessible by residents living in the area.


28. Forest road also divide bicycle path (right) and walking path.

29. Germany’s Schwarzwald(Black Forest) is famous.

30. When I asked meaning of the sentence on the bench, he said that it takes half an hour to remove a tree, but it takes a long time to grow it.

31. A commemorative selfie before departure. Thank you for your kindness today. Danke schön!





36. There was a small lake on the way towards the village of Bad Endorf. A town with a thick forest always has a lake.


38. Drainage hole of rain water helps water-treatment in rising ground.

39. I went into the forest path on purpose.

40. The lakeside village, today’s destination, was seen far away.


42. There is a bench like this on the village trail.



45. A wooden handrail was also installed on the sloped trail.

46. At the end of the road, the floor was treated with a hard and frictional stones to prevent slipperiness in the rain.

47. After having lunch in the village, I went down the hill toward the lodge in the afternoon.

48. The advantage of Austria and Germany is that there are many nice and sturdy houses in rural areas. Rural houses perform traditional atmosphere.




52. The vegetation of this area is explained.


54. A clear streamflow.

55. Firewood is densely stacked by the wall, so it has an insulating effect.

56. This horse showed interest in traveler.

57. The horse standing beside was on guard at first, but came close to me. We talked silently for a while.


59. Girls come from afar on horseback.

60. I didn’t take a picture when I waved at them, because the horse may be nervous.

61. The road was paved partially. Blocks were put only on the area which touches the wheel.

62. There was another article related to pilgrimage which was reported in the Austrian press a few days ago. I found it later.



64. In the questionnaire for tomorrow’s press conference, there are such questions. Isn’t it too early to phase out nuclear plants? What are the alternatives?

I think about the answer I’m going to tell.

65. “In Japan, after the Fukushima accident, all nuclear power plants stopped for a long time. The nuclear plants were producing about 30% of electricity. Nevertheless, there was little damage to the economy. Each factory or school building utilized alternative measures, such as electricity-saving and operation of emergency power generation facility.“

66. As indicated by the signboard, this road is not for horses. This means there are a lot of people riding horses.

67. “At the beginning of modern society which was dominated by Malthus’s population theory, the German chemist Fritz Haber gave mankind the gift of solving the food problem by introducing innovative technology called nitrogen fertilizer.”

68. Eventually, the destination lake is clearly visible.

69. “The direction is important. Nuclear power plants should not be continued any longer. It was revealed that nuclear power is anti-human in the sense that it forces parents to pass sacrifices to their children. The mankind must establish a proper direction.”

70. A sturdy bus stop is made of logs.

71. “If we set the right direction, the humans find a way.”

72. I met German women on allee near my destination. They became interested in the traveler from South Korea. After listening to my pilgrimage story, each of them took a selfie.

73. This is view of the lake seen from the second floor of a fantastic inn.

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