[505] 2022-02-19 Alps & Lake

1. At 9 o’clock, there are Trunstein citizens waiting for me in front of the lodging. They are journalists and BUND (German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation) members.

2. The local reporter in this picture asks me many questions. As I answer in short English, I spend a pleasant time to struggle hard for English answers like yesterday.

3. I took a commemorative photo with BUND members who marched together in the city before departing.

4. With Beat Rutkowski, head of BUND branch.

5. Today, it is a 22 km course going along the lake.

6. They are people who have walked together for a while up to city boundary. The man in the middle of picture is Christian Rutkowski, the husband of the head of BUND branch. Peter Müller stands on the right.






12. Different solar panels were placed on each roof of the multi-family house.

13. The snow melting of these Alps is remarkable.

14. Rutkowski explains that glaciers have melted a lot due to climate warming.

The melting of glaciers in the Alps was compared to a ‘canary in the mine’ by some scholars. Unlike glaciers floating on the sea, melting land glaciers directly cause sea level to rise.


16. While walking, Mr. Müller personally picks up scattered trash and keeps it behind his bicycle.

17. It is a hill with strong winds.





22. This is the city boundary. After leaving two people, I started to walk alone towards the lake.




26. It is a lakeside village.





31. A nice lake appears right away.


33. There are many people who enjoy windsurfing even in winter. I found out later that the water temperature is maintained at 4 degrees Celsius.


35. While resting, I take a cup of coffee.

36. Some people were curious about traveler.

37. It is a picture showing good surfing skills.

38. I met a couple walking on allee.

39. It is a trail where bicycles are prohibited. Walking along this path which stretches several kilometers by the lake would lead to meditation naturally.

40. It is a huge lake in the Alps and attracts tourists. I feel healing just by looking at it.

41. A village near the lake.





46. Boat storage.

47. For Lunch, I had a fish recommended by the waiter at a restaurant.

48. Later, I found that it is similar to fish in the picture of information board. The taste of lean meat was not impressive. But the overall flavor was good, perhaps because of excellent cook.

49. An impressive incident took place because of a customer at next table. A couple showed interest in my pilgrimage. And I explained in detail and took a selfie together. Two people left ahead of me. When I was about to pay for the meal, this man had already paid for it. The bill was more than 20 Euros including the coffee I ordered later. Danke Schön (Thank you very much)!

50. When I surfed the internet during eating meal, I found that candidate Lee Jae-myung appeared in the German media. His Basic Income pledge is of interest to everyone in the world.





55. I looked at the map of Lake Chiemsee (Kimze in German pronunciation). From the Alps two large rivers flow into the lake. Traun River and Inn River flow out from the lake and join the Danube. The lake is one of Danube’s water sources.


57. A citizen riding a bicycle asks South Korean for a selfie.

58. The water is clear enough to see the bottom transparently.

59. I saw a lot of mallard ducks from the bridge where water flows into Traun river.



62. The lakeside village is located in a place where there is less wind.



65. Some houses always command such an excellent view.

66. Some houses always command such an excellent view.

67. It is said that this lake always keep water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius due to the internal ecological circulation.


69. I had a fantastic day.

70. Today, I only walked on this safe road until I reach the lodging.

71. A Buddha picture was hung on the wall of the lodging. I don’t know the meaning of the German title, but meditating Buddha catches my eye.

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