[499] 2022-02-13 4km/h Train Tour

1. I had a satisfiable breakfast.

2. I left a friendly lodging behind.

3. I started a long-distance walking of 26 km early in the morning.

4. The winter weather was a little bit cold, but sunny.


6. Schwanenstadt where I stayed is not an ordinary village.




10. I got out of the village.

11. The snow-capped mountains I saw yesterday were clearly visible.


13. It’s not main mountain range of the Alps, but my feeling is similar.

14. The sun shines on the frosty barley field.

15. It is a photo of a typical Austrian landscape. The mad-made environment is beautifully designed in excellent natural environment.

16. I entered the residential area.





21. The advantage of a tourist train which goes at a speed of 4 km/h is that it is free to stay and move as long as the engine and wheels are strong enough.


23. Slowly, I capture all the scenes I see.





28. Looking at the billboard made with the concept of blackboard and chalk, I expect face-to-face lecture from this spring semester. Long time has passed since I did off-line lecture.


30. This is vending machine box that became very popular these days. It sells coffee, drinks, cookies, and cigarettes, and more.


32. This is an impressive village guide map.

33. It was Sunday, so it was difficult to find a restaurant. Finally I found a Greek restaurant in this village.

34. This is squid dish that I ate for lunch. I added bread and ate enough. 35


36. Bus stop bench makes me want to sit

37. Aged livestock compost sprayed on grassland.


39. Various thoughts come to mind while walking this comfortable road. What should I do if we win the presidential election? An optimistic scenario is important.

40. There is no need to imagine a bad scenario. It’s something to think about at that time when it happens. It is important to do it properly when a good situation comes. There is a proverb, “Strike while the iron is hot.” We need to draw a picture of the strike in advance so that we can strike it properly when the time comes. Opportunities do not repeat.

41. Prosecution reform should be done by the President. It’s not difficult. He needs to trust the people and make a decision. Prosecution may be completely dismantled. The people will support prosecution reform. The most important thing to focus on is media reform. Civil society has no choice but to lead the reform rather than established institution. The power of the press is based on people who consume the news. It is a private sector, and it is difficult to reform the press only by government power. It is better to let the private hit the press.

42. What shall we do? As I walk, a good idea came across my mind. It is related to Oh Han-heung’s argument introduced the day before yesterday. If we follow that idea, it will be a revolutionary level of reform.

43. Again, thinking is rising from walking. Thought which is different from the common perspective and dimension seems to come out only when the nervous system of five senses operates.

44. The advantage of travelling in Austria is that I can meet such a charming little town anywhere.




48. I communicated with the horses for a while.



51. Today, my eyes are in delight all day long.




55. I was curious about the name of the snow-capped mountains, so I surfed Google map.

56. The picture was taken from the left side of the No. 1 road mark in upper left corner of this map. I look at the southeast direction. So it is probably the Großer Priel mountain.

57. Deers gathered in a picturesque scene.


59. The sunset was clear, so I took panoramic pictures.(59~61)




63. I entered the destination village.



66. These are picturesque scenes.

67. I arrived at a family house that provided a modern room as lodging at Booking.com. When I said that I couldn’t find restaurant and mart because it was Sunday, they prepared delicious food on the spot.

68. I talked about my pilgrimage to family who welcomed me. And I took a selfie together. Today is a lucky day until the end.

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