[500] 2022-02-14 Healing 30km

1. Today’s finale, the mountain and lake at sunset.

2. After sleeping, I realized the power of this new house. The secret of spending a warm night even though the heating system was not turned on was the effect of insulation. The house was properly built with energy-saving materials and methods of construction in every corner. Whenever I went to Germany several times, what I heard was the repeated emphasis of energy saving sector. It is as important as the transition to energy-saving production system. It is also not inferior in terms of job creation. We have operated an economic system that encourages energy consumption. It is an irresponsible paradigm. The economy of the energy-saving sector, including energy remodeling, is the area where response to climate crisis can be properly implemented.

3. This is view of the village from the lodging.

4. Today I have to walk 30 km. I think it may be the longest distance per one day as an official record so far.

5. I left the accommodation before eight o’clock. Today, it will take 8 hours to walk.

6. Wood factory.


8. The temperature is above zero, but it is chilly. I heard that Korea is cold now.

9. The weather is clear.

10. The mountains I saw yesterday are clearly visible.








18. Ssangyong Motors store is empty with only signboard hanging. It seems that it will not be easy to make a comeback, due to new tide of era when internal combustion engines are nearing at end. The trend of era is so strong and dominant. You can’t take a few steps back against the trend. This reminds me of certain presidential candidate and his supporters in Korea right now.

19. One of these solar panels was placed regardless of the angle of sunlight. I’m curious about its effectiveness.

20. Bundle of firewood.

21. There was a reader’s e-mail saying that purpose of the wooden grid posted a few days ago was not to slow the wind speed, but to prevent snow from scattering to the road in times of heavy snow. This is a picture showing that reader’s comment was right. Thank you!

22. In the distance, the snowy mountains begin to be clearly visible.



25. I was curious about the identity of these mountains, so I looked at the map.


27. It is not the main mountain range of the Alps, but seems to be the Hochkönig mountain nearby.

28. A spectacular view.

29. I walked all day looking at spectacular view.

30. I felt healing.


32. Eventually, I met a Chinese restaurant 20 km away which I took as objective. I was a little worried because many restaurants were closed these days. I am glad that it was open. Most of all, it was good for me to be able to eat as much rice as possible with onion and pork stir-fry.

33. I met a local resident in the afternoon.

34. Finally, I entered the village of today’s lodging. A wonderful lake appeared.

35. I guessed that it was a waterfront lodging by looking at the map, but I didn’t know it was such a wonderful place.

36. It blows away today’s fatigue.

37. As I walked through the forest by the lake, I felt healing again.









46. It was 6:00 p.m. when I arrived at the lodging.

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