[498] 2022-02-12 Everyone be Maitreya

1. The weather is nice today.

2. It is a 25km course to the small town of Schwanenstadt.

3. It is clear and warm and there is no wind. Is spring approaching?

4. The self car-wash is large.

5. Mass-produced firewood.

6. The Budai who is popular in Asian Buddhist countries, also appeared here.

6-1. He has a traveler’s image. He distributes food and travels around. In China, he is considered to be the incarnation of Maitreya.


7. Entering the residential area, I saw a sculpture in yard which was made of miscellaneous stones.



10. The streetlight design catches my eyes.

11. The nice roofs of a new factory. Such structures cannot be produced unless solar panel is considered from the time of design. There are many new factories and large buildings in Korea. We need such design and installation of solar panels.

12. Today, I had a Zoom meeting at lunch time. This time, I couldn’t find a restaurant or cafe on the course. So I searched a bench where I can sit on comfortably and join Zoom meeting. Looking at Google Map, I found a good location 800 meters ahead. Though it is somewhat different from Budai, wisdom and information can be freely shared anytime, anywhere. In this era of information & technology, anyone can become a Maitreya. I finished the meeting on the bench and had lunch afterwards.

13. When I stopped by a coffee shop, a young clerk showed curiosity to traveler. I explained pilgrimage and she admired. I took a pleasant selfie with her.

14. I entered a small & beautiful village.

15. I was walking slowly,

16. Residents show interest in traveler. These days, Korean is popular everywhere. They are the faces of Maitreya as well as Budai.

17. The name of the village is Lambach.



19. The Lambakh Monastery in this picture is famous.

20. The plaza in this village allows transit transportation while keeping the cozy atmosphere of the town.

21. By the time I arrived at my destination village, I could see ridges of mountain ranges in the distance.

22. High ridges are covered with snow.

23. Looking at the map, it seems to be a part of the Alps.

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