[496][497] 2022-02-10~11 Appeared in Austrian media

Record of two days including rest day.

1. In the morning of rest day, I spent time reviewing the pilgrimage course in Germany and completing the online reservation,

2. During the daytime, I went out by bus to have lunch in Linz city with a population of about 200,000.

3. Children get off the bus.


5. The Austrian media requested an interview, and I sent this photo. The interview was reported as article below.


It has been a while since the pilgrimage was reported in media of that country. It seems to be the first time since it was reported in Japan.

6. It is raining this morning. I put on my raincoat and start to walk.

7. This is a 24 km course leading to Wels with a population of 60,000.


9. It rains all morning.

10. The structure of the bridge is worth seeing.

11. I always envy village soccer field with natural grass.

12. They sell homemade dairy cream.

13. Even if it rains, this must be tasted. I shelter from the rain under the awning, and enjoy dairy cream. It is one of the blessings of walking tour.

14. This is a typical Austrian yard arranged neatly.

15. I passed by a garden,

16. A Buddha statue is enshrined on the bench with lotus. It seems to be a place to teach meditation and yoga.

17. While walking, a Zoom dinner meeting in Korea took place during lunch time here. As soon as I arrived at this restaurant I ordered meal. Then I turned on my laptop and plugged in my earphone. I couldn’t make a sound in restaurant, so I attended the meeting only through chat messages while watching the video. There was no problem for Zoom meeting between Korea and Austria. The ‘recommended dish of the day’ I ate after the meeting was also delicious. It is a world without restriction of place.

18. It was sunny in the afternoon.


20. In the center of a village, the space with a community center looks neat and relaxed.

21. This is a scene of logging and firewood making in a mountain village.

22. The man in the small car passing the mountain road saw a walking pilgrim from the East, and opened his wallet. Thank you for your warm heart.


24. I can overlook the city of Wells, the destination.


26. I am curious about the interpretation of this wooden work.



29. I reached the village where the lodging was located.

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  1. Thank you so much for your strength and your wonderful Idea of pilgrimage!
    Good luck for tomorrow – hopefully the Weather will be better than today!
    When will you arrive / be in Aying?
    Maybe we can join you some metres?
    Lots of grateful greetings!!!


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