[495] 2022-02-09 Bill of Candlelight Revolution

1. Today’s photo is the candlelight revolution in Korea 5 years ago that gave hope to mankind. The current presidential election has put that hope to a testing stand.

2. I left the lodging.

3. Today’s course is 21 km up to the suburb of Linz.


5. A nightclub is located in an old wooden building.

6. This is highway to Germany. Well, Munich is not far from here.




10. These days, the presidential election is a hot issue in Korea. It’s an unprecedented mess.

11. I thought about why. The election seems to fluctuate because of the energy of the candlelight revolution. Mixed anger about the indecisiveness of the President and Government that failed to properly digest the energy of people is widespread among people. In political chaos, rebellion of the establishment stands out.

In particular, the media groups that were surprised by the candlelight people, have made a tilted playground and pushed the presidential election into chaos.

12. Meanwhile, this person was reported in Hankyoreh newspaper today.


I also have a relationship with him. As he said, the people have no choice finally but to light the candles again.


14. This house, fitted with the latest solar panels, has a somewhat exemplary atmosphere.

15. Over the common stone wall, compost was piled up in the yard. And there was also a greenhouse.


17. The milestone of the village and the scenes of the street.



20. Unlike yesterday, today’s lunch is warm chicken pizza.


22. Coming to the suburbs of Linz, the city of technology, there are various manufacturers. It’s an industrial cluster.

23. In order to develop manufacturing and technology, an ecosystem must be formed in the region. Germany and Austria, who speak the same language, seem to be in good partnership of industrial ecosystem.




27. I arrived at Linz.

Calculating the distance I have walked so far, it is 385km from Slavakia to here. Total distance is 331+385 = 716 km.

There is about 250km left to Munich.
I will rest tomorrow.

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