[494] 2022-02-08 Walking on the Danube

1. Today’s photo is a bench by the Danube River where I ate emergency ration as lunch.

2. From the stair of the 3rd floor of lodging, I looked at the roof of the 2nd floor which is covered with solar panels. Even in places that are not noticeable, solar panels are installed in orderly fashion.

3. I leave the memorable lodging behind.

4. Today’s course is 26 km that goes along the Danube River.


6. It is a course which is sparsely populated.


8. The pine trees grew thick and straight despite overcrowding. It is a soil where trees can grow roots deeply.

9. I remember hearing from a professor, an expert in his major, that horse has a considerable level of intelligence and sensitivity. How would a traveler look like in the eyes of horse?




13. Looking at the map, it is the floodplain of the Danube River.


15. A notice board had characters carved on the glass to keep it safe from flood.

16. There are traces of trees submerged in water.



19. I saw a newly built box-shaped structure, so I opened the door.

20. The inside looks like this. It is an unmanned mart for village agricultural products. In this system, a person who takes item in the transparent refrigerator only records it on account book. And the buyer settles up later. It is a simple “trade of trust.” Can we introduce it too?

21. I walked over a hill of a small town.

22. There was a beautiful building overlooking the Danube River,

23. Searching the map, it turns out to be a castle of a royal family in 19th century who converted his inherited mansion into a castle. There are still lots of royal properties in Europe.

24. The Danube River is seen from the castle.

25. I went to a restaurant in this village for lunch, but it was closed. Google map indicated it is open for business. It’s a trouble. There is not even a mart in this area, so I have to skip lunch.


27. I have to make a decision. Should I give up the straight Danube River course and take the detour toward the restaurant that is 3 km apart?


29. I decided to skip lunch and proceed with the original course.

30. As soon as I reach the Danube River, I saw a hydroelectric power plant. There are several hydro power plants along the Danube River.


32. It is a system in which the propeller rotates by flowing water inside the dam.

33. There is also a fishway and a gate for cargo ship.

34. Transmission tower is seen.

35. The flow and velocity of this power generation dam are completely different,

but it is advantageous for cargo ships to travel stably.

36. The four major rivers in Korea have different basis. There is no demand for canal cargo. And the amount of water flow in dry season is so low that river bed is exposed in some area. In addition, the Lee Myung-bak wanted to build canal at places where water quality control is impossible because drinking water is taken from the river. Disguising the canal project in mind, the President pushed four major rivers project and deformed four rivers appeared. Electricity generation was originally small, and the water quality deteriorated as predicted. So the gates of 16 small dams were obliged to be open for normal water flow. Now electricity production is close to zero.

37. Korean rivers are fundamentally different from the Danube River which has enough water flow throughout the year. The Danube River passes through European continent and supports the inland logistics economy.

38. Looking back while I walk, I could see hydroelectric dam and the royal castle at the hill on the right-hand side.

39. Unlike last time in Slovakia, I walk along the southern side of the river.

40. I saw a cyclist.

41. The trees along the river were cut and stacked.

42. A nice bench appeared. I looked through my backpack and found honey, ham slices, and biscuits. I peeled a piece of garlic and dipped it in red pepper paste. I ate it with a piece of ham. Then, I finished meal with honey. Honey still remains as a gift from Romania. And I filled my stomach with bottled water that I always carry in my backpack. It was an enough lunch at Danube River.

43. There is also a small dock.

44. I left wonderful Danube behind.

45. I entered rural area.



48. With raindrops falling down.

49. I saw a nice bus stop for traveler to rest.

50. Map of surrounding area was posted on the bulletin board at the bus stop.

51. I took a long break while surfing the Internet. And the sky became clear unawares.


53. A solar house is seen at the destination village.

54. It’s a nice church.

55. The decoration of the restaurant at lodging is spectacular. The decoration seems to keep New Year’s atmosphere.

56. I ate a lot of Caesar salad for dinner.

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