[493] 2022-02-07 Walking Hills

1. Today’s scene is a snow-covered mountain seen from the pass.

2. At the start, I thought it was an ordinary 24 km course. But, it became a difficult course to go up and down several large and small hills in the afternoon,

3. I departed from the previous day’s lodging.


5. Rides in the playground were made from recycled materials except for slides.

6. This building seems that the first floor was left as it is and the upper floors were remodeled.

7. The street was full with coffee odor, so I looked inside and found out there was a coffee shop with roasting workplace.

8. The brand name is CULT CAFFÈ.

9. They must have seen Korean traveler walk before. As soon as I enter the shop, they treat me hospitably. I tried to eat bakery with several cups of coffee.

10. I took out pilgrimage map, and took a selfie with customers in the shop.

11. I took a promotional photo with owner of this store. I wish your prosperity.


13. It’s a strong wind again today.


15. Here

16. I take a break for a while.

17. This playground was well-designed.



20. The swimming pool in the yard was covered with a transparent cover.


22. Today, I walk this kind of road a lot. The wind is still strong.

23. I can see the snow-covered mountains in the distance.

24. I find a village like this from time to time. But I can’t find out restaurant easily.

25. On a park bench like this,

26. I take out sandwich and milk, and have lunch.

27. A sculpture in the middle of a village.


29. Recycling bin.

30. Wood pellet materials were stacked. It is a good fuel that keeps longer thermal efficiency than firewood.

31. I walk nice forest path and an uphill pass.


33. I walked uphill for about an hour.

34. Farmland runs along the slope.


36. I reached the bus stop near the summit of the pass, which is about 370 meters above sea level.

37. I looked at the snow-covered mountains in the distance.

38. Downhill village.

39. As the raindrops fall, I climb the hill again.

40. Slope farming is popular in this village.

41. A village with a monastery.

42. The yard with an old well.

43. I walked up and down all afternoon.

44. At sunset, I see the lodging area at the top of the hill.

45. From the room of lodging, I looked down the road I have walked.

46. The accommodation also serves as a restaurant. Customers who have already finished meal welcome traveler. In this picture, the person wearing red sweater paid traveler’s bill. Thank you!

47. I took a selfie with people at the next table.

It was a hospitality that made me forget today’s fatigue.

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