[492] 2022-02-06 Thinking of Soil

1. When I woke up in the morning and saw the living room of the accommodation, the decoration was splendid.

2. The content of the mural is that Melk Abbey is in harmony with the Danube River and the village.

3. You can see the monastery in the distance and the name of the accommodation on the right. This is a cheap accommodation with a restaurant.

4. I have free time today.

5. I looked around the monastery.


7. Stift Melk on this map is the monastery, and the Danube River is visible at the top. The blue dot is where I stand.

8. At that time, the monastery was a religious facility. And it was also the birthplace of power.





13. I walked again leaving the monastery in the back.


15. The clear weather helps traveler every day. The temperature is always above zero.

16. The wind is still strong in this area.

17. I can see the highway going to Germany. I will arrive at the border after walking about ten days.

18. A wooden net was installed in the middle of the field. Perhaps it’s function seems to prevent soil erosion by reducing the wind speed.

19. It is a transparent bus stop that blocks the wind. Transparent plastic with irregularities was covered in the shape of a ‘ㄸ’ letter so that the inside and outside could be seen. It is perfect place for a traveler to rest. I always surf the internet when I rest.




23. It was Sunday, so all shops and restaurants were closed.


25. But this restaurant opened. When I entered, it was full of villagers who were mostly advanced in age.

26. I pointed to the menu at the next table and ordered the same thing. They gave me salad and lamb dish.

27. Villagers at the next table show hospitality. They even pay for meals when they find out that I’m on a pilgrimage. I took a selfie to express my gratitude.

28. It seems to be an old picture of this restaurant.

29. Later, I ordered coffee separately. But the owner does not accept money for coffee. I had a pleasant and warm hours.


31. I saw a village on the ridge far away.

32. I tried zoom-in.







39. The cows in the barn stopped eating straw fodder, and looked at stranger.


41. The crop is about to be harvested. I wonder what this crop is.

42. A young man purposely turns his car and comes to a stranger. He offers me a ride. However, I received only his favor.


44. In hilly farmland, rainwater should penetrate well into the ground. Otherwise, the soil is likely to be lost.

45. This is especially true in places where fallow is unavoidable, such as in European wheat-growing regions. The European continent is said to be a structural plain that has been deposited for a very long time. Unlike our soil, where the bedrock is weathered, it seems that the excellent underground penetration is good in Europe. It can be seen from the fact that there is no separate water channel even where the field itself forms a valley.

46. However, the entire Korean peninsula has thin layer of soil because the granite ground has been weathered by uplifting over a long period of time.

This North Korean farmland, modeled after European hilly agriculture, is likely to lose soil when it rains a lot. Water management is also difficult.

47. Even if field farming is done, soil erosion can be prevented only when it is done in a terraced manner like a terraced rice paddy in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

48. Europe has different soil.

49. Destination Village

50. I met these kids at McDonald’s. They are full of playfulness.

51. When I come to the lodging, unmanned reception desk welcomes me, perhaps because of the COVID-19. In addition, I had to send a vaccination certificate by e-mail during the application process.

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  1. commented on [492] 2022-02-06 Thinking of Soil
    “18. A wooden net” – it’s just for winter, to prevent the wind from transferring snow onto the roads and rather produce “road-protecting-snow-dunes” behind the wooden “fence” 🙂

    —–>Thanks for your reply.


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