[491] 2022-02-05 K-Nagne(K-Traveler)

1. Today, I walk 25km to a village called Melk along the Danube River.

2. I leave the lodging in the center of Saint Pölten with a population of 50,000.

3. A large sidewalk & bicycle path was made in the middle of the road.

4. A place overlooking the city.



7. The wind is strong. Today, I have to walk against the wind.





12. I can see snow-covered mountains in the distance. This is the view in southwest direction.

13. It may be a mountain range which is a branch of the Alps.

14. Wind power generators are spinning with wind.


16. It seems an old house remodeled.

17. An acquaintance in Korea gave me the nickname K-traveler. It’s an honorable name.

18. It is the power of new era that enables my pilgrimage which could not have been imagined before. I just sensed in advance the conditions of new era.

19. It is detected that these wild spaces are also managed thoroughly.

20. Road guide model for bicycle catches the eye.

21. Companies such as Google are also contributing to the smooth progress of this pilgrimage. After finishing the pilgrimage, I would like to send a letter of appreciation if possible.



24. The country’s capability is shown in such area as waterway management. Korea still has a long way to go.





29. Map of the area where the Danube River is visible.

30. There is also wind valley in this area.


32. A map of the village at the bus stop.


34. It’s Saturday. I can see bikers like this.

35. A signboard in Melk village shows a name with H added to the end of Schubert’s name.

It reminds me of Schubert’s Winter Traveler (Winter Travel, Wineterreser). I heard that his birthplace is in Vienna before, but I didn’t go there this time.


37. Melk abbey near the destination.

38. The medieval atmosphere of the village street is cozy.




42. The floor treatment of slightly inclined road is notable.



45. A statue in square of the village.

46. Colorful minerals were added to the bottom of the stairs.

47. I think this panel describes the figure of the statue. But I couldn’t find his name by internet surfing.


49. Melk Abbey is shining at sunset. It is said that one thousand years have passed since it was first built. It is a place that appears in Umberto Echo’s The Name of the Rose.

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3 replies

  1. commented on [491] 2022-02-05 K-Nagne(K-Traveler)
    “47. I think this panel describes the figure of the statue”
    It’s Saint Coloman of Stockerau. Koloman would be his german name, Kolomanibrunnen is the “Colomans’ well”
    —–>Thanks for your reply.


  2. commented on [491] 2022-02-05 K-Nagne(K-Traveler)
    This is the statue of St. Koloman, (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koloman_%28Heiliger%29) as a pilgrim on his way to Jerusalem. By the way, here in Melk you are on both the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and the Way of Jerusalem to the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine).
    All the best for your further pilgrimage (from a pilgrim of St. James in Austria)
    —–>Thanks for your reply.


  3. commented on [491] 2022-02-05 K-Nagne(K-Traveler)
    The well is in honor of Saint Coloman, who was wrongly hanged in Vienna in the middle age: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coloman_of_Stockerau
    —–>Thanks for your reply.


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