[490] 2022-02-04 Sankt Pölten

1. Today’s highlight is the police officers of Sankt Pöltensi.

2. In the morning, I left the lodging in Sankt Pölten City.

3. I moved to the departure station.

4. It is 22 km course to the city of Sankt Pölten. But the departure is late, so I have to walk diligently.

5. The train is running over the arched iron bridge.

6. There was plenty of firewood piled up under the balcony.





11. Cars cannot speed up on this curved road. The atmosphere of the village also becomes comfortable.

12. It is a bus stop where there are only a few buses a day. But the bench is very imposing.


14. Farming in mountain slope seems to be common in Europe.



17. A garden tree was trimmed neatly. It resembles the style of people of this country.


19. Nice bench.

20. There is also a coffee shop inside the mart. When I choose a cake and order it with coffee, these two workers show curiosity. I explained my pilgrimage. Then, they exclaimed and asked me more about the purpose of pilgrimage. I took off the mask only when I take a selfie. When I tried to pay the bill, they said ‘present’ and didn’t take any money.

21. At the lodging, I took this photo of the cake which I did not eat at that time.

22. There is space for table and bench at the bus stop.

23. Auto repair shop used wood as insulation wall.


25. Village bulletin board was made by soccer player model.

26. A village creek was clean. I felt an ecological atmosphere.

27. There’s an animal farm, so I’m watching it.

28. The curious sheep also stare at the stranger.


30. The wind is blocked on south-facing slope of the hill.

31. The village looked like a beautiful painting.



34. It is advanced solar panel that does not reflect light. Austria has excellent processing technology for minerals. It is said that the technology to maximize panel efficiency is also at the forefront.


36. The signboard reads ‘Tai Yang China Restaurant’ in Chinese character.

There seems to be at least one Chinese restaurant in every big town.


38. This person who parked her car and waited for me a while is a reporter of local press. She seems to have been informed that a Korean pilgrim was walking.

I took a selfie after detailed news coverage. The website of the press is www.noen.at.

39. She said she will send the article to me by e-mail, when an article comes out.

In the past, when I was walking in India, I had a few interviews. But it seems that the final report was not made in India. I hope this country is different.

40. Roadside Graveyard. It is an ordinary cross without Jesus hanging on it.


42. The cross section of the stone stack is familiar.

43. This area seems to have a wind valley, too.

44. The driver asked me a question in German out of curiosity. When I said that I am from South Korea, he is surprised and his attitude changes. A few days ago, I experienced same situation in downtown Vienna. When I said that I was South Korean, he immediately looked surprised and changed his attitude.

45. It seems to be a wind channel.


46. I took a short video.

47. As I arrived at city entrance, a police car suddenly stopped and policeman approached to a suspicious traveler. At situation like this, there is a method I use. After taking out the brochure and showing the map I walked on, I points to a picture of Dalai Lama and asks if they know who he is. When they nod, I show a picture of Dalai Lama and me on the back of the brochure. Then they usually walk away with great admiration. This is the right time when they become selfie model.

48. I entered the center of city.

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