[489] 2022-02-03 Power of Imagination

1. Early in the morning, I left for good the one-room lodging in Vienna where I stayed for four days. It was relatively cheap in Vienna, and there was a Korean food mart nearby, so I was able to eat a lot of kimchi.

2. By train

3. I went to the destination of previous day

4. Today’s course is a light 20 km.

5. After walking for a while, I saw a lakeside park.





10. I thought there was a good bike path because it was a lakeside park. But it leads to the village instead of going along the lake.


12. Wild wetland is well managed.



15. A billboard stands for an environmentally advanced country.

16. I found Chinese buffet restaurant.

17. It is an early lunch, though, I enjoyed plenty food.

18. Local guide map.


20. Solar panels were installed in a narrow space between the first and second floors.

21. Road for pedestrian was not paved. Unpaved road continues.

22. I feel like walking forest road.

23. Horse ranch is seen in the distance.

24. An Arab citizen stopped his car and expressed his curiosity to pilgrim.

25. They use south-facing slope of the yard for solar power.


27. The chickens are raised freely. Surprisingly, these chickens are being looked after by a clever dog. The dog doesn’t bark when a stranger is passing by. But when I stop and look at chickens, and it barks immediately. Then the dog realized that I am taking a picture, and immediately becomes silent and disappears from view.






33. A young man riding a bicycle is curious while he passes by. He is an 18-year-old young man.

34. Cycle paths in Austria are very good for exercise due to the curve of the terrain.

35. The power that creates this beautiful landscape

36. Where does it come from?

37. It will be the power coming from imagination.

38. Only when the simulation through imagination is activated, the value can be sympathized with the community members.

39. It is the power of imagination that creates beauty and creates common values. We lack efforts in this area.


41. Young people from all over Europe gathered together to enjoy alcohol. They offer alcohol to traveler passing by. I drink coffee instead of reclining. While talking to each other in poor English for a while, one of them even said that he respected me. It’s a happy selfie.

42. My pilgrimage is also a product of imagination.

43. Neulengbach Castle, a local monument.

Neulengbach Castle

02772 521050


44. I arrived at the destination station.


46. I came to the city of Sankt Pölten where my lodging is. The police treat foreigners so unfriendly that I feel unkindness, probably because of COVID-19.

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