[488] 2022-02-02 Stopped Zwentendorf NPP

1. This morning, I decided to go to a monumental site located on the northwestern side of the Danube River in Vienna. It is the construction site of the Zventendorf nuclear power plant that Austrians stopped by national vote in 1978. Related article is found below.


2. Following Google guide, it took me about two hours to get there by transferring public transportation several times.

3. First, a cup of coffee.

4. I slowly walked along the route through residential area.



7. I finally arrived at the site. However, I could not enter the building which is used as exhibition hall now.

8. Although the size is small, it is now converted as solar power plant.

9. The sign board informs that details are found in homepage. But picture in Google map is more realistic than website written in German.

If you connect to “AKW Zwentendorf, Sonnenweg 1, 3435 Zwentendorf an der Donau”, you can see inside pictures of nuclear power plant.

10. At that time, citizens strongly opposed this nuclear power plant.

The vehemence of people continues until today. Austria is leading strong opposition to Europe’s recent move to include nuclear power plant in European Taxonomy.




13. The Danube River is impressive again.



16. I sit here and imagine a dream of shutting down all nuclear power plants in the world and converting them to other uses.

17. A cargo ship is passing by.

18. I was waiting for the bus.


20. The ride which was shaped like soccer ball is impressive.

21. I became friend with the mother and son whom I met immediately after transferring from bus to train.

22. Of course, I took off my mask only when I took picture. Omicron is also on the rise in Austria these days.

23. I walked 12 kilometers in the afternoon. It’s a road going out of Vienna to the west.

24. Standing at the Huttldorf station where I arrived yesterday.



27. Generally, residential areas with this kind of atmosphere continue.



30. Huawei is closed these days.

31. I can see the houses on the south-facing hillside.

32. As shown in the picture, I am walking along a valley road with ridges on both sides in the north and the south.

33. An old-fashioned house on a north-facing slope.

34. A tiger is depicted on a billboard for the zoo.

The fashion in these days is ‘The tiger is coming down’.

35. The old-fashioned inn & restaurant is standing with dignity in the valley.




39. A village soccer field is located narrowly in the valley. Natural grass and the stands are perfect. It’s strange that they can’t play soccer well with this nice facilities. Nevertheless, South Korea which has poor facilities, has made it to the World Cup 10 times in a row. Is it the power of garlic?


41. Although it is a low mountain, the trail map of the mountain is perfect. The contact information of manager for each section is listed. I can feel the considerateness of the management for the nature.

42. Even though the slope space is narrow, at least one side of the road was reserved for the pedestrian and bicycle path.

43. The design of this house is modeled after the quartz crystal mineral that I saw at the Natural History Museum a few days ago.

44. Austria is said to have excellent craftsmanship for these gorgeous decorative items. It seems that manufacturing technologies such as machines/engines have developed along with Germany.

45. This photo shows the Austrian atmosphere. Unlike the Wind Plains on the eastern side of Vienna, it has a curved topography, houses with sloping roofs, and street facilities, etc.

46. A snow removal device was hung on a regular jeep.

47. A container for garbages is in the back.

48. Solar panels were installed in the south-facing slope space where the railroad passes.

49. The Zwentendorf nuclear power plant which I saw in the morning was also transformed into a solar power plant by EVN.

50. When the rain comes and goes,

51. I arrived at the destination station.

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  1. commented on [488] 2022-02-02 Stopped Zwentendorf NPP
    “47. A container for garbages is in the back”
    It’s used for putting salt in it, that is distributed behind the vehicle, to melt remaining snow/ice after removing the main part with the snow shield, or for putting in gravel that is distributed behind the vehicle to make icy roads more safe to walk on 🙂
    —–>Thanks for your reply.


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