[487] 2022-02-01 Vienna & INRAG

Today is Lunar New Year’s Day.

1. I visited INRAG (International Nuclear power plant Risk Assessment Group). It was an important event of the day.

2. I took a selfie during the meeting.

3. With Nikolaus Müllner, Chairman of INRAG.

4. In the morning, I walked 12 km from east to west, passing through major places in downtown Vienna.

5. I left at 8:30 in the morning.

6. A creek to Danube River




10. Walking through the downtown area,

11. There are many places that look comfortable like this. This place is compared to Seoul, which is unfriendly to pedestrians.

12. I met a wonderful cathedral.

The name was St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

13. Sitting on a bench nearby,

14. I look up again.

15. I was walking to the center of downtown.


17. Suddenly, a cathedral named St. Peter’s Catholic Church was seen.

18. The surrounding area is in the middle of downtown.

19. Austria also produced several emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Before that, it was also the home of Habsburg royal family. For a long time, Austria was the center of power in Europe.


21. This building is Sisi Museum Hofburg Wien. It is a famous museum that exhibits the life of a queen of the Habsburg royal family.



23. Remains of the Roman period


25. This is the Hofburg, palace of Habsburg royal family who were the rulers of Europe for a long time. It is now used as the residence of the President of Austria.

26. There is also a beautiful palace in the opposite site far away.

27. Vienna’s beauty may come from the fact that it has been power center for a long time.

28. Even so,

29. I feel that many city planners have been working hard over the years, up to the present day.

30. COVID-19 early screening medical institution is also visible.

31. I took a break to eat a snack on the second floor of fast food restaurant. I looked down the street.

32. The view from the main road.

33. Orthodox church.

34. This trail was made in the middle of boulevard. Vienna deserves to be called a paradise for pedestrians and public transportation.


36. This is urban subway facilities in the upper part of the city. The structure looking old was remodeled.

37. This building allows balconies.

38. This building has mixed alcony. I detected regulatory plan of urban building design which keeps the tradition of maintaining the wall line.

40. This is a scene that can only be seen while walking. When they constructed barriers of a small stream, they left space in between for urban trains. I see the train is running at right time.

I pay tribute to the planners who have planned this city.

41. A famous zoo is located over Schönbrunn Palace in front of me.


42. I did not go to the zoo, but walked along this park road.

43. Where the city provide small and large parks like this, citizens can walk with dogs.

45. At the same time, the driveway was narrowed and such an open space was created.



48. ​​I walked up to this place in the morning. I went to INRAG headquarter by transportation.

49. I got off near the headquarter, and walked.



52. We finally met and started the meeting.
The contents of the meeting will be included in a separate diary.

It was a meaningful Lunar New Year for a traveler.

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