[484] 2022-01-29 Fortress of Danube

1. An impressive photo of the fortress at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers.

2. Today, it is a course that leaves Slovakia and crosses the border with Austria.

3. Leaving the apartment-type lodging where I spent three nights.

4. Walking through the old town.

5. To Bratislava Castle.

6. Upward stairs

7. It is said that this castle has been a strategic point since ancient times.



10. This spacious garden on the hill was decorated nicely.

11. Ancient monuments


13. I met a family who looked at me and immediately gave me thumb up.

Perhaps they saw me walk.

14. The Danube River

15. It is a hill with a good view.



18. A narrow shortcut to Fort Devin.

19. People recognize me as I walk along the main road.

20. In particular, this person is hero of today.

21. He interviewed me and broadcasted live on his Facebook page.

This is my first experience. I felt like becoming a celebrity suddenly. The slogan WE NEED ANOTHER UN in his compilation was not mentioned in the interview, but he introduced the purpose of pilgrimage by searching the English website.

22. When we departed, I saw his car. It was Hyundai car.

He is a man of passion no less than me.

23. Devin Fortress was beginning to appear.

24. It is found at upper left of this map. It is located at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers.



27. Traveler is also popular here.

28. This bench radiates atmosphere which has been around since prehistoric times.

29. I looked up at the fortress. Caves were visible.


31. A map with a fort and a village.

32. I looked up vertically. The height is 202 meters.


34. I walked up slowly.


36. The summit is near.

37. Finally I looked down from the top.


39. I see the confluence point. It is a well-maintained fortress even in Roman times.

40. This is picture toward the village.


42. Commemorative selfie


44. It started to rain as I came down the fortress.

45. Now I have 5 kilometers left to Austrian border.


47. Sheep diligently eat straw covered with roof.

48. This is bike path.

49. This path continues along the Morava River.


51. Walking this road,

52. I thought of the energy that allowed the Romans’ world management to last for a long time. Among them, internal power struggle also played a part. The fierceness of internal struggle also played as a driving force that extended outward. Although we are struggling inside these days, I think that people’s fighting capability to overcome the rebellion of the vested interests will become the basic strength which contributes to the global village.

53. Cars can’t enter this small bridge which crosses the Moraba River. This bridge is a border, but there is no checkpoint or customs office.



56. Slovakia, bye!

57. As soon as I crossed the bridge, I saw the village marked as lodging. The rainy wind was blowing hard. However, when I arrived at the lodging, it was suspended for the time being. This is what I have not yet confirmed. Usually, reservation is made through confirmation. But strangely, I missed the confirmation. I walked five more kilometers in the rain and took a train at Marchegg station. I entered Vienna city via train.

58. Today I feel like I am studying the Danube River properly.

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