[482][483] 2022-01-27~28 Bratislava

1. It is a record of two days after my arrival in Bratislava. The picture is square in Old Town.

2. The first day is a day off. In the afternoon of rest day, I prepared for a webinar to be held in February. All I have to do is to express what I thought and my on-line contact with experts while walking, on my laptop. An on-line acception came immediately from Professor Song, the lecturer. It shows vivid view of global village life without place restriction.

3. There are quite a few Vietnamese restaurants in Old Town. For dinner, I ate a lot of rice noodles and Vietnamese rice bowl. While eating, I remember the hardships I suffered while walking in Vietnam at summer of 2017, early stage of pilgrimage. But now it is a good old memory.

4. The next morning at 8 o’clock, it is 4:00 p.m. in Korean time, I also participated in this webinar. About 10 minutes after the start of this video, I also gave my greetings.

5. After the meeting, I went back to the place where I had arrived the day before yesterday. I walked 19 km to reach Old Town.

6. I took the tram and transferred to the train.

7. I arrived at Miloslavov station. I met strong wind and sleet.

8. Bad weather stopped soon. But wind was still there.

9. I can guess why the roof in this area is flat.

10. I had a coffee break at restaurant,

11. A beautiful clerk shows interest.

12. After rumors spread, another person joined taking selfie. It seems there are many beauties in Slovakia~^^

13. She served plenty of coffee, and packed food for traveler.

14. I took out pilgrimage map and took a commemorative photo in front of the store.

15. As I was walking for a while, a young man approached me. After listening to my explanation, he tried to give me a lot of fruits in his car. I picked one pomegranate as remembrance. A commemorative selfie.

16. The villagers who saw this scene also joined in taking selfie.

17. It was not easy to walk because the wind blew against me. It’s a strong west wind.


19. There are electrical wires for tram-type bus (trolley bus) even on narrow roads. Rather, the general wires are not seen. It seems they were made underground.


21. I met again the young man who gave me pomegranate. He wanted to introduce his father.

22. I stopped by his father’s office, and took a selfie.

23. I entered downtown of Bratislava.

24. Bratislava is the capital city, but it has a population of about 450,000.


26. I found a large signboard for Samsung mobile phone.


28. The entrance to Old Town


30. Nice street.



33. The square in center of Old Town.

34. A wonderful day gets dark.

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