[485] 2022-01-30 Wind of Austria

1. This pilgrimage is an experience of areas where the Danube River flows through.

2. I came to Marchegg station where I arrived yesterday. I started to walk at 10:30 a.m.

3. A village with a station.

4. A strong wind is blowing.

5. It’s getting stronger.

6. I can see horse riding center.

7. A child is riding horse competently.

8. His mother in the back shows interest in traveler. I took a selfie with her child.


10. Nice horse.

11. The wind blew harder. In Korean situation, it is a wind that can only be found by going to Cheonwangbong Peak in Jirisan Mountain or Daecheongbong Peak in Seoraksan Mountain.

12. I have to walk against the wind.

13. I took a short break at the bus stop in the village. Contrary to its appearance, it is a sturdy place built with wood.


15. A wind propeller is also visible.

16. Barley sprouts grow well even in strong winds

17. The wind was so strong that it was hard to control my body.

18. I investigated the map to find out why. This place is where the wind is originally strong. The picture above shows a slightly red part, east of Austria.

19. Geographically, even in Europe,

20. It is a plain in a gap between mountain ranges which are lined up.

21. The soil wind at the construction site also blew. Due to severe physical exhaustion, I decided to finish today’s pilgrimage around this time.

22. My expression taken at the station where I stopped looks troubled.

23. Still, I walked nearly 10 km for three hours. I walked more than I thought.

24. Today, it is windy at downtown of Vienna too.
I came to the museum area. There are many nice buildings.

25. Among them, I decided to visit the National Museum of Natural History.

26. I think the contents displayed in this museum are very excellent. In particular, the section of mineral has very specialized exhibitions. Meanwhile, a noticeable map is visible. 12,000 years ago, England and Scandinavia were covered with ice. It is not so long before the current European climate is realized.


28. I took a tram to go to an unknown residential area. Tram was operated even on a narrow road. A one-way system for tram was adopted.

29. It is a wisdom worth studying.


31. I enjoyed stir-fried pork belly with kimchi at a Korean restaurant at downtown. I ate two bowls of rice. When I looked inside the restaurant full of customers, there were few Koreans. Korean food is the essence of the Korean Wave. You can’t get out of it once you taste it.

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