[481] 2022-01-26 Problem of Decision Making

1. I have to be very careful in planning today’s course. I have about 50 km left up to Bratislava. As I get close to a big city, it is rather difficult to find a nice lodging. Therefore, it is better to keep lodging in Bratislava and make a proper train station or bus stop as destination. So I found a station called Miloslavov, and confirmed that the train runs every 26 minutes. The distance to the station is 26 km, I take long courses for five consecutive days.

2. A heavy breakfast.

3. The lodging I stayed.

4. I left early in the morning. It’s 8:30.

5. After walking for a while, I saw a field covered with vinyl mulching. It have never seen this before. I wondered if it was difficult for weeds to grow on the soil in this area. But farmers here were also struggling to overcome the weed problem.

6. Sign board shows that it is 36 kilograms up to Bratislava.

7. While I was standing and searching internet for a while, a handsome man with sunglasses saw me and stopped his car. He asked if I need any help in fluent English. Oh, one thing! I would like to take a selfie with you. Selfie model~^^

8. The restaurant with this sign was closed.

9. This ordinary restaurant is bustling. A man sitting at table right behind me gestures to know me. Maybe he saw me walk.

10. I ordered the same menu as they eat. It was a spicy soup like naejang tang(Beef Tripe and Intestine Soup). It’s an unexpected good luck.

11. I suddenly became friends with them.

12. A man with blue clothes in the group paid for traveler’s meal. I took a selfie with them including restaurant owner.

13. We posed properly outside the restaurant. I pulled out a large pilgrimage map, and took a commemorative photo. It was a wonderful lunch.

14. I walked 13 km in the morning, so my steps were light. Since boundary line of the road was painted in braille, the frictional force was good for walking. It was easy to walk.

15. I like this kind of quiet road.

16. I enjoyed a cup of Americano coffee in the yard of a nice restaurant like a fortress. The advantage of pilgrimage in Europe is that there are many such places.



19. The 8-kilometer section leading to the train station is small straight lane.

20. It’s a good road to contemplate. I want to thank Google map for this wonderful road.

21. Korea has succeeded in terms of economic development over the past 20 years. Money is overflowing in the national treasury. Money also means power. In addition, even though there is income difference among individuals, the power of information has increased for everyone. The difficult problem of decision-making is exposed in the torrent of power increase of both country and individuals. I think this explains the emergence of ‘political group of noncommitted’.

22. In the past, for example, emergency relief grant is a policy that is simply carried out with a single word from the President. However, President Moon did not make such an easy decision. The middle class who supported him during the general election was disappointed with his indecision. The world is changing rapidly, and he wanders with such a trivial decision. The same is true with the rapid rising of real estate price. If ultra-low interest rate continues, money will flow into real estate market. Nevertheless, the head of the government did not control the financial bureaucracy who keeps improper monetary policy. This government is incompetent, I think.

23. If the leader and the government do not make decisions properly, the people become stressed. When a decision is made at right time, either pro or con, it can play a certain role. Present government’ indecision made the stressful public turn around in one moment.

24. I entered the village of train station. They welcomed me. I hope the kids will see this picture when they grow up.

25. I arrived at the destination station. The time is 4:10.


27. I came to Bratislava station and took a tram to my lodging.

28. In the middle of old town.

29. It is a street where tram and walkers coexist.

30. If you search well, you can get good accommodation at a cheap price.

Tomorrow I will not walk and rest here.

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