[480] 2022-01-25 Invited to a Slovakian Home

0. In today’s diary, I posted firstly a symbolic photo of being invited to a family.

1. The distance is 22 km if I follow main road. But I learned a lesson from yesterday’s experience. I took a comfortable course on the map, though it was detouring course. Then, the distance increased to 26 km.

2. In front of the lodging before departure. Penzión STEFAREZ, this place is memorable. It was good because the price was cheap and cost-effective. Moreover, it was good because the floor was warm. I guess it was remodeled as hypocaust style, probably hot water system.

3. Korea is the origin of hypocaust. When properly installed by flat stone style, thermal efficiency is excellent. In a flat stone system I experienced, only several pieces of firewood are ignited and placed in a furnace and closed. Then, it burns slowly and the heat is transmitted through all parts of floor all night long. Even though air of the room is cold in severe coldness, the floor is hot. Spending a winter night in hypocaust helps the body restore health in itself. If such thermal efficiency technology spreads widely, it is beneficial to the Earth.


3. Looking at the bench in the village park, the material of the trash can I saw yesterday was not stone but finished with cement and gravel decorations. It is an example of good design.


5. I saw a hand-operated pump after a long time.

6. This quiet country road is good for walking.

7. It looks like a fertilizer factory.

8. This cargo truck is weighed. It is outcome of efforts to maximize transportation efficiency without violating regulations.

9. Mass production system makes mechanical tillage inevitable.

10. If they use a machine in tillage, they have to break the soil evenly. Then, you have no choice but to go deeper than necessary. If they break the soil in depth, it becomes inevitable to release a large amount of carbon dioxide in the soil. Moreover, if this kind of tillage is continued for several decades then bottom layer of soil is hardened. It prevents the crops from taking roots deeply. Then, nutrients in deep layer are not absorbed by crops, and there comes a vicious cycle in which more fertilizer is needed. It is a structural problem of modern conventional farming. What would happen if this method is continued for several hundred years?



13. The ground with slight ice was hard enough for walking. It is not muddy, and is good for walking.



16. I came out to asphalt road. But it was quiet too.

17. There were many waterways. Wheat crops require good drainage.

18. I stopped by this village.

19. I had goulash soup for lunch.


20. As I was approaching my destination, I was passing through a large village.

21. A car came to my front side, and the driver opened car window. A beautiful lady said to me, “I like South Korea.” In this situation, It’s better to take a selfie inside the car. Korean youths must advance to the global village.^^

22. I entered the city of Dunajska Streda, my destination.

23. What stood out in this small city with a population of 23,000 was,

24. This is red-painted crosswalk. After observing, I found out that this is an absolute crosswalk where vehicles must stop even if a pedestrian is still standing on the sidewalk before crossing. It is essential in cities with many elderly and weak people. That’s a good idea. We should introduce it right away.

25. Such a wonderful city.

26. I was walking leisurely.

27. As I approached the lodging, this person appeared.

28. This couple was taking a walk with a dog. After a few words, the couple offered me to treat coffee. I thought of coffee shop and followed them. Oh, they were going to their house!

29. It was a long while since I‘ve been invited to a family house during pilgrimage.

30. The nice kitchen had a colorful decoration.

31. I introduced my story through the English website https://liferoad.org/.

32. Espresso and cake.

33. They are executive and employee of an international logistics company called Metrans. The company has a base in this city.

34. The wife said that she saw me walking near her company. Afterwards, she went for a walk and met me again. The company name appears in the upper left corner of this photo. I think I selected a good course today.

35. They even ordered pizza.

36. They ordered combination of different tastes.

36. Nice fireplace. The flame was wonderful.

37. It is a monumental day.

Ďakujem (Thank you!)

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