[479] 2022-01-24 Revolt of Vested Interests

1. Walking distance was very long for three days in a row. For your reference about picture of Google map above, the only meaningful number is 26 km indicating the distance. Other numbers are just estimates by Google.

2. I took a taxi to the ‘Closed Party Restaurant’ where I arrived at yesterday.

3. I entered quiet road in the village because of traffic noise in main road.

4. There is a table in small yard of supermarket. I feel like sitting down.

5. At supermarket, I picked up yogurt and moved to get some change to pay. The gentleman in the middle of the picture paid for me. I thanked for his generosity. Let’s take a selfie! Then, I sat at the table and ate delicious yogurt. As you know, yogurt is very delicious in this region.


7. The sky is clear and the branches of winter tree look fresh.

8. A young man appeared and offered me a ride. A selfie as a souvenir~

9. I took rest at sunny bus stop.

10. This time I took a selfie with an impressive young man who stopped his car and waited for me.

11. When we parted, I found that he was driving KIA car.

12. A guide map of a small town is neat. Although the number of houses is small, there are many places to commemorate.

13. The main road is good for walking, but there are a lot of cars. In particular, there are many large trucks which make loud noise. When I looked at the map, I found that it was an important road connecting Hungary to Bratislava.

14. For a while, I walked along a small rural road next to the railroad.

15. A waterway

16. Some people enjoy fishing in the waterway.

17. Walking along this road reminds me of Korean presidential election.

How could a person with below-average level become a presidential candidate? It seems that the forces of vested interests are making desperate efforts for such a character.

Paradoxically, the cause seems to lie in the advancement of Korean people. In the era of SNS, the power of each individual has increased significantly. It is a time when the energy of common people stand out by passing armband power called vested interests in all fields. Korean people can directly communicate with people in global village.

18. I feels that forces of vested interests are asking unreasonable demand and struggling to stop the new trend which destroy old forces. The project of four major rivers or nuclear power plants is flaunt of capital forces. In addition to real estate financial forces, prosecution coup and bureaucratic forces are also acting. The press which work diligently as manipulator and trumpeter continue worst play. I see a revolt of vested interests.

19. The windbreak forest is neat. I saw a bird’s nest at edge.

20. I entered the village of Velky Meder(I omit the upper sign of the letter), today’s destination. Family gardens are seen.

21. Design of stone trash can catches my eye.

22. Old model car.

23. Village view near the lodging.

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