[478] 2022-01-23 Komarno

1. The Danube River is seen from the window of the hostel in the morning.

2. To introduce the accommodation,

3. It’s like a pamphlet.

4. The original destination was a hostel in Komarno city at the 20 km distance. But I walked another 6km since I was in good condition.

5. It is a typical farmhouse and well in the past.



8. Modern multi-family housing,

9. It is similar to traditional housing. They do not hesitate to arrange the north-facing households in the two-story structure.





14. A frozen reservoir.

15. But tributary to the Danube River is flowing.


17. It seems to be a water gate facility.


19. Timetable seen from the bus stop.

20. I entered the cozy village.

21. A roadside cemetery. It does not touch my emotion for personal cemetery to keep Jesus statue on the cross.


23. This is a general store in the village.

24. I entered a village and stopped by a small restaurant with fireplace burning firewood actually. A few days ago, I received a message from an acquaintance in Korea saying, “I hope you can go around comfortably while burning firewood.” His wish was realized immediately.

25. I ate lamb meat with garlic sauce abundantly.

26. It introduces the excavation site of relics.

27. I met residents while passing by the bus stop. They like “Corea.”

28. This person has been waiting for me on purpose. We talked a lot. I reclined kindly his offer to give me a ride.


30. The north wind blows strongly all day long while the clouds are low.


32. A branch of the Danube River, Vah, passes by city of Komarno.

33. I crossed the city of Komarno with a population of 34,000.




37. The roof slopes of the houses are noteworthy.

38. They also stopped the car and waited for me on purpose. They asked where Korean traveler is going out of the city as it’s getting dark. Their careful mind touches my heart.

39. Saying bye.

40. A super-large shopping center outside the city.

41. When I arrived at a restaurant of destination, it was closed. Google information says it’s open. But it is closed probably because of Sunday. Arrival time is 4:50 pm.

As I was hanging around, someone pulled out the window of patrol car and asked if I need help. It was my mistake not to ask for help at that time. The bus that I believed would come did not come for more than 30 minutes. Since it’s 5:30 pm, it’s dark. I became anxious. I called the hotel and asked to send a taxi. The clerk asked for my location. I sent the coordinates address of Google information as a message. The manager came by taxi.

42. After arriving at the lodging in downtown, I looked around the area.

43. It is a small and cute city center.



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