[477] 2022-01-22 Long Walking with Danube

1. Today, I will walk 29km, the longest distance of this pilgrimage.

2. I started walking early in the morning at 8 a.m.

3. It snowed last night.

4. The weather is clear, so the scenery is cool,

5. It’s a tough day to walk.

6. Google map information shows that the restaurant at the railway station opens early in the morning. But it was not. Slovak railroads are not shown in Google information. When I went to the railway station, however, it was operating normally.

7. The railway network is also dense. But why aren’t they providing information?

8. My course in this country is unrelated to railway.

9. This kind of low hillock trail is usually covered with weeds, so most people don’t use the trail. Today, it is easy to walk the trail because of some snow on it.

10. I had breakfast in the snow just after 9 o’clock. The gochujang(red pepper paste) tube was bought in Budapest.


12. It’s a sunny morning after snowing.


14. Passing through this forest,

15. From time to time, I can see the Danube River.

16. I had lunch at this street around 1:30.

17. I got into the river bank road.

18. In the afternoon, I walked along the Danube River.


20. This river bank road without people is good to walk.


22. Rural scenery from the river bank road.

23. It was not easy to access the riverside even after walking for a long time,

24. Finally, I met a space like this.

25. I thought the Danube River only as a big river. It is an unexpected pleasure to see such a calm and secluded scenery of Danube River.


27. The water quality looks clean too.

28. Silent appearance in the upstream.

29. This is the location on the map.

30. The road having snow appeared soon. I slipped several times on the frozen icy road.


32. After the sun entered the clouds, I met this dike road.

33. This is picture of upstream from the bench. and downstream from the bench.

34. This is picture of downstream from the bench. Imagine that you’re sitting on a bench and enjoy the Danube River.

35. This place looks like resort village.



38. Riverside at sunset.

39. I took a picture of the Danube River at sunset from the room at the riverside lodging I had reserved.

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