[476] 2022-01-21 Slovakia over Danube

1. I took a picture of old palace after leaving the lodging in a small city on the border called Esztergom. Like Budapest, it was a capital of Hungary in the past. It was a hustling city as trade hub and strategic point, overlooking the Danube River.

2. Old church on hilltop.

3. I took the train going to Dorog station, yesterday’s destination.

4. Judging from the weather and topography, the 4-km-course that I stopped yesterday has a slope and shaded. The road looks slippery. According to the guidelines of pilgrimage, safety come first. I choose not to walk. It is the first happening of pilgrimage this winter.

5. The remaining 8 km catches the sun.


7. A villager who was carrying firewood saw me and waved his hand. When I sent my gesture to take a picture, he posed again.

8. It would be nice if the pilgrimage continued only on this kind of nice path.

9. If straw is not returned to the ground and fed as livestock feed, the ground energy ground will become weak. It is difficult to maintain the cyclical equilibrium of the soil. It is a structural problem of modern agriculture that we are also experiencing.

10. Soon, I saw the bridge crossing the border.

11. I thought there was a customs office on border. But it was a mistake. This sign board was the border. There must have been such an agreement between two countries.

12. The Danube River.

13. The old castle of which photo was taken in the morning, is seen in the distance.


15. The upstream view toward Austria.

16. I crossed the bridge and looked back Hungary. Bye, Hungary~

17. The name of the Slovak border town is Sturovo. (there are two upper dots on the character u). Euro currency is used here.

18. Looking at the map, there are lots of mountainous area. According to Wikipedia, the population of Slovakia is 5.5 million, but the population density is only 1/5 of Korea.


18. The central street of this village has roomy pedestrian space around old trees.

19. When the country changes, the SIM card must be changed. New Sim card offer 5GB, which can be used by phone at 5 euro. The number below will be valid for the next week.

+421 911 513 425

20. I was walking through village park, and there was a love mark. I looked into it and found out that only plastic bottle caps were collected.

21. Today, considering various circumstances, I have to stay at the lodging in this village. I measured the distance I walked today. It was only 10 km.

Since I arrived early, I tried to measure the distance I had walked so far. It was 331 km. It’s not long distance because I walked only for 19 days. I realized that there were many days of unexpected delay, over the past few days. I have to walk remaining 600 km for 34 days. I have to walk more diligently.

22. When I went to the supermarket in the evening, it was a system that customers pay by themselves. I think it’s a country where labor is precious.

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