[475] 2022-01-20 Strong Wind

1. I moved from Budapest and arrived at this train station yesterday. I started walking at 11:30, a little bit late time.

2. As soon as I started walking, it rained heavy. Even though there is no umbrella, the raincoat is inside my backpack. Spread raincoat even covers my backpack.

3. A village surrounded by mountains has a European atmosphere.


5. The rain stopped soon.



6. The design of the bus stop is cute.

7. A sculpture caught my eye.

8. There is a wooden board map in the village. The map showed Hungary’s original territory and shrunk border.

9. The picture after rain is clean.

10. The event proposal that I planned and organized while walking was announced. Traveler in the 21st century proves that “disappearance of place restriction“ stressed by Jeremy Rifkin became realized.

11. Wonderful scenes produced by sunlight and nature.

12. They appear one after another.



15. When I was walking about 4 km apart from the destination, a strong gust blows with sudden darkness. Even walking became difficult due to strong wind accompanied by sleet. I am almost pushed back by gust. Such a strong wind is my first experience. As I lean on a large standing sign to evade the wind, a passing car stops and the driver wave hand to get on. Today, I gave up my schedule and got on the car.

16. This is the driver. He has an angel-like face. Thank you very much!

17. A black jeep runs in the snow after dropping me at the train station combining bus stop.

18. A black jeep runs in the snow after dropping me at the train station combining bus stop.


20. The actual distance I walked today is about 15 km. Tomorrow, even if I walk again from today’s stopping point there is still 12 km left up to the border. I will go to Slovakia tomorrow.

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