[473][474] 2022-01-18~19 Hungary & Budapest

This is a record for two days including a rest day on the 18th.

0. I woke up early in the morning to attend YouTube lecture and talk show held on the afternoon of the 18th in Korean time. This lecture deals with the subject that nuclear power plants are lagging behind new era, and cause risks in terms of electric power operation technology. The subject is also introduced in my article below.


1. Although it was mentioned in talk show, it is not difficult to overcome the intermittency even if the electricity produced from renewable energy increases significantly in Europe, because the entire continent is connected with power grid.

Even if the proportion of nuclear power plants is large in certain countries such as France, it is insignificant when viewed as a whole on the continent. Therefore even if renewable energy dominates, the stability of power operation is not compromised. But Korea is in different situation because it is isolated. Since power grid in California of USA is connected only in the western region, efforts to reduce the proportion of nuclear power plants have to be made.

2. In Hungary, there is a nuclear power plant in Paks on bank of the Danube River. The four reactors built under Soviet influence supply about half of the total power. However, a country with a population of less than 10 million will meet a crossroad soon on future energy strategy.

I considered going to the Paks nuclear power plant site in Hungary during the daytime, but it’s far from Budapest. Looking at the map, there’s nothing special about it. So I decided to just rest before noon.

3. In the afternoon, I took a bus to the Hungarian National Museum.

4. Comical appearance on the window of building in construction site .

5. The Hungarian National Museum Building.

6. I was curious about the historical flow from ancient history, but this museum seems to mainly deal with the post-Medieval period.

7. Exhibition was focused on national monuments. The maps show topographical features and Hungarian borders. The current border seems to have been shrunk a lot compared to the past territory.



10. A group of students are listening to explanation and try on old clothes.

11. They also tried on a helmet.

12. This is a large mural painting depicting the appearance of a court in a certain era.


14. Reading the English description, it is an old stone statue of a person related to the city of Szeged.

15. Budapest painting on the website. It is full of beautiful castles.

16. I was curious about the ancient history of Hungary, but decided to wait for next opportunity. This picture is garden outside the museum.

17. I observed ordinary streets of Budapest while walking.







24. There are many sports pubs like this in most European cities. People drink here, and watch famous sports such as soccer, or buy lottery ticket. This store in large city is large sized.

25. The night view is also beautiful.



28. I arrived at the street where my lodging is located.

29. The next morning, I walked again.

30. I thought it was a ordinary 19 km course today, but the second half of the course was not ordinary.

31. I walked northward along the Danube River.

32. Various appearances at riverside.


34. With a jogger who said ‘Corea’ loudly.

35. I crossed the bridge.


37. There is a three-dimensional intersection in the middle of the bridge,

38. Looking at the map, it is an island.

39. Small boats such as yachts are anchored in the River.

40. A tram is running on a bridge.

41. The platform of tram. The design is nice.

42. Below the platform, there is a transfer facility for other routes.

43. The layout design of apartments facing the city area is plausible. While sticking to south direction, it is creating a common space in contact with the road.




46. An old tram and a new tram are side by side at terminal on the outskirts. It is a characteristic of European cities. Due to early development of the railway system following industrial revolution, it took a long time to become transportation for citizens before the popularization of automobiles. The traffic pattern is reflected in the appearance of the city.

47. The entrance to large cemetery park.


49. These are the horses I met while walking off the main road in search of a safer way.


51. There is also a device like this picture that prohibits the passage of bicycles on pedestrian paths in the village.

52. I became intimate with clerk at the restaurant where I ate lunch. Selfie with her.

53. As I walked through a safe forest path, I saw a ridge after a long time.


55. Wide grassland.

56. A wild duck in the village stream.

57. After walking for a while, the road was blocked by a wire mesh. I looked around, and found a lake which seemed to be used as a drinking water source. This is why Google map did not recommend taking this road.

58. I detoured for a while. Along the way, there was a section that crosses the middle of farmland like this.

59. Sheaves of wheat straw were piled up.

60. The sheep are gathering and eating something diligently.


62. If there is a forest, it is easy to store water.

63. I was walking along this residential area where my destination is near. I heard the sound of “Annyeonghaseyo(hello)”.

64. It’s this lady. She greeted me when she saw my body placard, Taegeukgi. She said, with clumsy English, that her grandmother was Korean. She’s the 3rd generation of Korean. Blood is thicker than water. It’s so nice to see her.

65. After leaving her, I became curious. How did her grandmother and parents live in this distant country? Well, there are many veins of Koreans that have been scattered around the world for over a century.

66. I arrived at my destination train station. I stayed for a while with a cup of espresso and a piece of cake.


68. This is Hungarian railway network inside the train station. Although the population density is much lower than ours, the railway network is dense. It’s something for me to pay attention to. Tomorrow, I will be close to the Slovakia border.

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