[472] 2022-01-17 Budapest

1. Finally, I entered Budapest today.

2. It is 23km from the place where I finished yesterday to central downtown Budapest.

3. The exact destination is the memorial monument for deceased Koreans in cruise accident on the Danube River three years ago.

4. Next to the forest road, there is a bouquet at a tree probably to remember someone.

5. The suburb of Budapest with a population of 1.75 million is visible.


7. At snack bar, I ate a cup of espresso and hamburger which I received at sled site yesterday.

8. Residential area in the suburb.

9. A long tram is running alongside the road.


11. There are sidewalks on both sides of bike path. It looks safer.


13. There are many branches of multinational distribution company, TESCO, in Hungary. I ate stir-fried shrimp for lunch at a chain of oriental restaurant in TESCO building.

14. Luxury apartment complex overlooks the Danube River.


16. Finally, it is the Danube River.

17. I walked about 4 kilometers against strong wind to the destination.



20. I saw nice buildings across the river.

21. The bridge is dandy too.



24. I turned around and saw a yellow tram. It is tram that runs frequently only along the Danube River.

25. The name of the hill across the river is Gellért Hill.

26. At the top of the hill, I can see the Statue of Liberty which was built by Russia to commemorate the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis.

These days, even phone camera has good zooming performance. I was surprised to find such a clean photo which was taken far away across the river.

27. Wonderful palaces on the west side of the river.


29. Various cruise ships.

30. Nice bridge

31. Palaces

32. Statue


34. Among them,

35. I saw a gorgeous and beautiful palace.

36. I looked up the name of the building. It was National Assembly.

37. On the riverside not far from the building.

38. There is a memorial monument for Korean victims.

39. I arrived after dark, but the lighting was bright.

40. The night view overlooking the Danube River is beautiful.


42. I conveyed condolence to the deceased.

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