[471] 2022-01-16 Imagine Forest Road in Seoul

1. I came to Budapest station early in the morning.

2. I took the empty train on Saturday morning and traveled an hour and a half.

3. I came to Dabas station, yesterday’s destination.

4. Today’s course is normal and straight 20 km road.

5. I took a selfie with clerk girls working in convenience store at gas station, after having a cup of coffee. There is window between me and the girls.


7. I also saw familiar letters in signboard.

8. It seems the weather restored typical European weather, which is humid and chilly.

9. Regarding the topic of walking which I wrote for a few days, I would like to introduce my article entitled ‘A forest road in Seoul’.


10. I drew an imaginary picture of Seoul forest roads in the article. If my suggestion is realized, ultra high-density Seoul might breathe by making six rib-like forest paths crossing the Han River. There are two ways to achieve the goal. One is to draw urban planning line in preparation for long-term goal. If new buildings are not allowed to enter future forest area by city government, and if the city government gradually purchases the land, then forest roads can be built someday in the future.

11. Another method is to actively utilize ‘combined development’. The city government develops new town first, and earn money to spend in maintenance of existing towns. The success of this method depends on how to concentrate administrative power. Combined development was introduced in Daejang-dong project of Seongnam City, which was the first application by Mayor Lee Jae-myeong. It was originally institutionalized by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

12. The general public does not know the strong point of candidate Lee Jae-myeong. He is good at trying such a first attempt. The first attempt may or may not succeed. Not only success but also failure may be meaningful from a national standpoint.

1) Even if you try and fail, the energy & information accumulate and increase the probability of success of whole group.

2) Failure also contributes to the success of next step. A prime example is Lincoln.

13. Anyway, you have to cut firewood in order to keep warm during winter. By drawing urban planning line in advance, Seoul City can do something in 2050.

14. What is important is not success or failure, but attempt and action. By action the energy can be gathered. The accumulated energy will continue to be carried to the next stage without scattering.

15. The roof slope was steep because of snow weight in winter. Steep solar panel was in harmony with steep roof slope in region of high latitude.

16. A large solar complex was also visible.





21. Interesting design of bus stop


23. I entered the destination town,

24. The sled site was made in idle land of the village.

25. As I looked around, this person served me black tea.

26. A young man and woman approached me, after recognizing that I am from South Korea.

27. Time to leave.

28. The village forest road was made just in front of destination. The width of forest road to be made in Seoul may be enough as the road in the picture above. There are seven terms of mayor by 2050. Even if forest is made one by one in each term of mayor, there will be seven forest paths. Citizens will remember the mayor who served in 2022. Probably the mayor may be alive until 2050.

29. I took a bus at this but stop, and went to my lodging in Budapest.

30. The sunset is exquisite.

31. The persimmon was properly ripe.

32. It was a comfortable way coming back to lodging. Tonight’s dinner is also Korean food.

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