[470] 2022-01-15 Importance of Pedestrian Traffic

1. Early in the morning, I leave the accommodation in the center of Kekskemet City, where I stayed for three days, and go to the place where I arrived the day before yesterday. The photo was taken inside articulated city bus.

2. Although this city with a population of 110,000 is not a historical city, the design of downtown is structured. It uses a design technique reminiscent of Barcelona’s Old Town. As shown in the photo, the linear pedestrian plaza is at the center and the roads on both sides are used as public transportation routes.

3. It is common grammar in European cities that pedestrian space is located at the center.

4. The railway station and the bus terminal are adjacent. Korean cities are neglecting this natural principle of fundamentally reducing the demand for traffic generation. In sectors such as transportation, the principle of demand reduction is absolutely necessary. The same goes for energy.

5. I transfer to intercity bus. If the railroad had been operated normally as scheduled, this transfer would have been omitted. Thanks to no-operation, I also have a chance to add some experience.

6. I looked out the bus window.

7. Large solar power plants stand out.

8. I went to Lajosmise village, which was my arrival destination the day before yesterday, and started again. This church near the station is a milestone.

9. I walked 25 km today.

10. I am getting used to village road.



13. As soon as I leave the village, there was a good forest road running side by side with the general road.

14. This road also has a man-made lakeside park nearby.

15. The road runs for more than 4km.

16. I felt refreshed just by looking at side road.

17. Looking back, it is an attractive road.

18. While walking on this path, I extend my thoughts of yesterday. Why is pedestrian transportation important in a high-density society like ours?

19. A prime example is La Defense in France. It is a new downtown in Paris, where a space called pedestrian deck is set up between high-rise buildings as a connecting space. It was designed with the concept of connecting buildings by making upper square at two-story height. Moving within high-rise buildings is carried out by elevator, and moving between buildings is done by walking. There is no need for private car.

Likewise, in an ultra high-density residence like Korea, the basic structure resembles La Defense. In terms of habitable area alone, the population density is close to that of Hong Kong or Singapore. Public transport is also well developed. Now, it is time to start a fundamental pedestrian-centered traffic revolution.

There is also huge side effect such as responding to climate crisis.


21. The forest road ends and the main road comes out.

22. At gas station eatery

23. I had Caesar salad for lunch. I felt as if I were Caesar going round Roman territory~^^

24. I was walking for a while.

25. A car was waiting for me in the distance. The driver got off and gave me bread. He said his mother made the bread by herself. It was a touching scene.

26. Bread looks delicious. It melts gently and deliciously.

27. Thank you very much!

28. It’s a wonderful and precious karma(connection).

29. As I passed by a small village, I saw a statue.

30. It seems to symbolize a historical soldier.

31. A nice park cemetery near the village.

32. This is Gyon railway station, which was originally the destination. However, I decided to walk a little longer because I had a lot of time left before getting on train.

33. I arrived at Davas Station. Now I move by train to my lodging in Budapest, 45km ahead.

34. The lodging is 1 km apart from Nyugati Station in Budapest. It is a studio apartment with a kitchen. I stopped by a store selling Korean foodstuff and bought ramen, kimchi, and instant rice. I enjoyed familiar taste after a long while. I will use this lodging as my base camp for 5 days.

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