[468][469] 2022-01-13~14 Imagine Pedestrian Route

1. It is a record of two days including rest day. The picture is the view from the hotel.

2. Hotel Central’s good breakfast. It is a cost-effective hotel at downtown.

3. I am supposed to sleep in this hotel for three days.

4. Today is 5th day of consecutive walking. I walk 20 km and will return to lodging by transportation.

5. Morning view.


7. In Europe, such cemetery park is located inside city.

8. This store use drone for business. Nowadays, agriculture make use of drone too.

9. The large four-lane road leading to the highway is noisy and smokey. Moreover sidewalk is narrow. So, I searched purposely a country road.

10. This road continues barely without dead end.


12. I pass by a solar farm.

13. It’s pretty big. It looks about 400 meters long. Looking at the surrounding map, there are quite a few solar farms other than this one. Hungary has wide plain and has a low population density. So, solar panels seems to be effective.

14. The country road indicated by Google map was blocked by wire mesh. It’s embarrassing when I meet such happening.

15. I turn around for a while and get on the right track.

16. I turned my head because I thought someone was looking at me in the forest. It was sheep.

17. The sheep approach the stranger in a curious pose.

18. In the end, it follows me. It was an exciting experience.

19. It is a village that raises racing horses.

20. I took a picture at the point where the country road and the highway meet.

21. The other side



24. They cherish the forest.

25. Hungarian countryside.

26. Seedlings seem to be windbreak.


28. Walking along this road reminds me of our ancient road. In the past, there was a large road called Samnam-daero. I think ancient road is worth restoring.

29. In the process of modernization, how about restoring ancient road and connect roads only for walking? If ancient road overlaps with existing road, ancient road may be restored side by side with present road. In addition, if coastal routes are supplemented, the walking network will attract tourists.

In a high-density society like Korea, walking routes are particularly important. The contribution of walking is much higher than that of artificial means of transportation. Moreover, Korea is a country where the land itself is uneven, and the space for people’s living limited. The public transportation is inevitable. Synergy effect increases in such a country, just by connecting public transportation with walking properly. Green transportation, especially walking, is important in climate crisis era. It is time to establish a basic plan of nation-wide walking.



32. I can also see the pine forest.


34. Carrying firewood by hanging a luggage compartment from a car.


36. A farmhouse with plenty of firewood.

37. I approach to the destination.

38. A cozy house

39. When I heard the sound of shouting ‘Corea’, I turned around and saw someone on a bicycle. I took a selfie with him.

40. Solar panel was naturally placed on the roof.

41. It is the destination station.


43. At this time, a problem broke out. Train service shown in Google information stopped because there were no passengers these days.

44. Inevitably, I walked back to the village for about 2km and gott on intercity bus going to my lodging.

45. The next day is a rest day. But I am supposed to preside over a meeting. Of course, I can preside over the meeting in the distance. Holding a webinar while walking from far away, is another aspect of the global village brought by Corona 19. After attending two meetings concentrated in the morning hour here, I was tired and slept until dark since I had my brain fully operated after a long time.

46. After dark I ate Vietnamese rice noodles, but I still felt hungry.

47. I even ordered a homemade hamburger at the place where I got espresso coffee.

48. I took a selfie with customers I became intimate in a short time.

49. A selfie with customers nearby, too.

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