[467] 2022-01-12 Energy Cultivating

1. Now I have about 100km up to Budapest. I have to walk 25km today. It’s a tough distance.

2. It was a neat accommodation. Both dinner and breakfast were satisfactory, so I took a selfie to remember the name of the lodging.

3. Before departure I looked around. I found out that it was a small but old town.


5. It is quite cold in the morning. It’s minus 7 degrees.

6. It is a bicycle path marked with yellow paint to prohibit passage of cars.


8. Snow is melting in this village.

9. With the young people I met at simple canteen.

10. I ate lunch here on a bench at the bus stop.

11. In the afternoon, the air is cold but the sunshine is warm.

12. The person who deliberately turned the car around, said that he saw me walking a few days ago. He gave me a bottle of clear honey. He has a saintly face. I expressed my deep gratitude and took a commemorative selfie with him. I asked for his forgiveness because I could not accept his present due to heavy weight of my backpack.

Thank you very much!

13. It seems wheat was planted early. It has a slightly yellowish color and is flourishing despite the cold.

14. A good path for contemplation continues. 

15. Various types of straw stems are crushed and mixed evenly to match the ratio of carbon and nitrogen in the manure which were spread while grinding the fallow.

There is a person who is associated with the word nitrogen. It is Fritz Haber, a German chemist. In the 20th century, global population could grow exponentially by breaking the Malthus theory because of the improvement of agricultural productivity. Harbor made it possible the produce nitrogen fertilizer which increased dramatically the nitrogen content in the soil.

16. Farmland is everywhere and anyone can engage in farming. Harbor developed technology for global farmers, and agricultural productivity was increased everywhere.

17. I saw solar power plant that use solar energy as raw material which has unlimited supply. Solar energy is produced collectively because of ‘economy of scale’, but we should not miss the essence.

 It is an energy source that anyone can use, and is produced anywhere on the Earth. It has the same basis as farmland. Anyone in anywhere can participate in producing solar energy.

18. Solar energy is an object that anyone can cultivate.  If you join, you don’t have to rely on centralized supply of raw material. If solar technology that dramatically overcomes limitation by someone like Printz Harbor is developed, civilzation will be upgraded all at once.

19. A large Mercedes-Benz factory is visible in the distance. Hydrogen energy is important for factories which manufacture commercial vehicles or producing steel. Hydrogen cells has good capability to store energy produced by sunlight. It compensates for the weakness of solar energy. The production intermittence due to daytime production may be compensated. Hydrogen cell has good compatibility with sunlight.

Solar technology is fairy advanced so far, but if it is upgraded further, then full-scale production of such “green hydrogen” will be possible. We may see revolution of energy production in the near future.

20. I’m looking forward to seeing such a character and such a technology. Necessity is the mother of invention.

21. I ate pizza and espresso coffee at a gas station snack bar.

22. I arrived at Kecstemet City with a population of 110,000.

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