[466] 2022-01-11 Prosecutor’s Reform

1. Today, I have to participate in an online meeting for prosecution reformation. In today’s world, such an access is possible from remote place. However, it is not easy to get proper time due to time difference.

2. I take the train early in the morning.

3. I arrived at the waiting room of the handy station yesterday. However, the intensity of data roaming via laptop decreases compared to phone communication. They said, “your voice is not well audible.” It’s an unexpected mistake.

I had no choice but to deliver my message by characters.


<Summary of Lee Won Young’s prosecution reformation plan>
The current prosecution service was designed during the Japanese colonial rule. Structural reform is necessary.

1.The prosecution holds administrative power (investigation power) and judicial power (indictment monopolism/indictment expediency) at the same time. – Present prosecution system violates spirit of the Constitution : Historically wrong roots
: In order to realize the spirit of separation of three branches of government, people’s sovereignty must be introduced.

1) Director of the Prosecutor’s Office must be directly elected by the people. : In United States, director of the prosecutor’s office is given the authority to appoint district prosecutors.

– This is possible through amendments to the Prosecutor’s Office Act

2) The Prosecutor’s Office is better to be disbanded. The Indictment Office is necessary. The head of Indictment Office is appointed by the President with the consent of the National Assembly. Indictment members are appointed by the head of the Indictment Office with the consent of the National Assembly.

– It’s possible through the legislation of the Indictment Office Act.

– The right to investigate is automatically separated.

2. As pointed out by Professor Han In-seop of Seoul National University, it is necessary to abolish all the privileges of former posts. : As Professor Han expressed, predecessor privileges must be abolished. In addition, it is necessary to isolate the personal links of current and former judges & prosecutors by providing a grace period when they open law firm.

– It is possible by amendments of Attorney Act.

4. At the end of on-line communication, a villager appeared in the waiting room. Nice selfie with villager.

5. Today’s course is 22 km.

6. It is a handy station with much memory.

7. It is quite cold today.

8. The roads are frozen and slippery.

9. Still, the forest road is good.

10. I left this snowy road in the forest behind.

11. I met the main road.

12. The stream was also frozen.

13. I met this bus stop and took rest.

14. As I sat down and searched recent news. I came up with an idea and posted a memo. The response is coming quickly.

15. I was tired with concentrated on-line discussion, two hours in the morning. I wanted to rest my head. So I logged in internet Go game after long while.

I forgot the cold weather, and played Go for about an hour. Go game is called sudam(hand communication). It feels good to win Go game. This is a commemorative record of Go game.

16. The restaurant seems to be closed in the aftermath of COVID-19. There will be many people in difficult situation.

17. As I approach the destination village, this bicycle path appears.

18. The staff I met at the gas station shop asks me a lot of questions. It was fun to take a selfie with him.

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