[465] 2022-01-10 Healing in Forest

1. The forest path that I got refreshed while walking today.

2. Today I ran into a trouble. There is no place for accommodation within 20km. After I finish walking somewhere, I have to use transportation to get back to starting point. Then the next day, I have to go back to the finishing point of previous day and start. Therefore, it is important to choose the finishing place and transportation to come back.

I looked around the area and saw a train station 16km away. When I looked up timetable of train station, I found that train runs frequently. I chose train station as destination. I chose lodging located near the Szeged station. It will be convenient to use train tomorrow. Today’s course was decided finally.

3. In front of the lodging just before start.

4. Villagers are sweeping the snow.

5. I said hello and took a selfie together

6. Such a road runs 8 km.

7. I took a picture of my shadow on a comfortable road.

8. The forest of the plains in Hungary is good.

9. Straw is rolled up for livestock. It is similar to our rice straw rolls.

10. If there are aliens visiting the Earth, this one picture can tell a lot about the global village: snow, water and climate, high voltage cables and centralized energy supply system, electricity and artificial civilization, pastures and man-made forests, wheat fields and straw rolls, livestock and food culture, etc.

11. As I was walking while contemplating on various thoughts, a nice-looking young woman stopped her car and gave me a bunch of bananas.

12. The backpack was too heavy. I decided to get one piece as hospitality. I said, “Thank you. Goodbye!”

13. They sell LNG gas-cylinders at gas station. They use LNG for winter heating in Hungary.

14. I entered a village.

15. The Orthodox Church

16. A well-maintained sidewalk along the kindergarten wall.

17. Suddenly, the children follow me with cheers. Then they run to the end of the fence competitively and waits for traveler. On the selfie, you can see the children’s eyes through the fence.

18. I took the picture of kindergarten in commemoration.

19. Village street has sidewalks, bicycle paths, and bus stop with transparent wall.


21. From now on, I walk a trail away from the ordinary road. The trail leads to train station.

22. The forest is gradually getting closer.

23. I feel healing on forest road.


25. My body and mind become clear when I walk on a picturesque forest road.

26. An elk is seen in the distance.

27. Please, look at this picture.

28. If you zoom in and look closely, you can barely see it.

29. Is this a cabin where the forest manager lives?


31. There is also an abandoned house.

32. Eventually, I met a private house near the handy station.

33. Handy station

34. It also met the railroad.

35. I have to walk 4km more to my destination station. I have to get on the train arriving at 3:01. There is enough time.

36. This person was kind enough to offer me a ride. I turned down his offer. Thank you. Instead, I took a selfie with him.

37. It is a site where systematic logging and planting take place.

38. This is a nice picture of my shadow.

39. The destination station.

40. There is no ticketing, but there is a clean and quiet waiting room.

41. When the time comes, I can also see the residents.

42. Inside the train


44. I took a selfie with the passenger car manager who sells and checks the ticket.

45. I arrived at lodging near Szeged station. It’s the blue dot in the photo. I will get on train early tomorrow morning, and go back to destination station.

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