[463][464] 2022-01-08~09 Snow of Szeged

1. Snowy night in the Hungarian city, Szeged.


2. It is a record of two days. On the first day, I wandered 3 km in the streets of Szeged, Hungary’s third historical city. On the second day, I walked 24 km.

3. I arrived at the lodging in residential complex at the east of Szeged, after walking for five days, I left the lodging in the morning.

4. It is snowing a good while on the streets of the village.

5. A resident of the village recognize me. He said he saw me walking while driving a truck yesterday. He got out of the small car and gave a thumbs-up.

6. A house with an avant-garde design stands out.




10. I had a cup of coffee at a cafe while enjoying the snowy scenery.

11. I am getting closer to central Szeged.


13. Historical building are seen.


15. Riverside Park


17. Even though the population is 160,000 the public transportation system seems to be well equipped.

18. It’s a spacious square for pedestrians.

19. The old tram model was displayed.

20. In such a neighborhood, I ate Thai-style soup and fried rice at a restaurant called Buddha Restaurant. I enjoyed snowy scenery outside the window.

21. Szeged University, symbolic center of this city, is said to be a historical prestigious university.


23. There is ample space for pedestrians.

24. A modern department store is located near downtown.


26. I exchanged Hungarian SIM card here. The cost was 20,000 won for 100 GB. The cost was about the same with Romania. Korean card is very expensive.

Hungarian phone number will be valid for next ten days,

+36 70 402 4836

Usually, you can call via KakaoTalk or Tele.

If you are using a landline phone, please call the number above.

27. It starts to get dark just after 4 o’clock, probably because it’s overcast and snowy.

28. I went to the lodging on the outskirts that I had reserved. Strangely, the door was locked. Inevitably, I made a reservation again for a hotel at downtown. I walked to the hotel.

29. Thanks to this, I walked on snowy street to the full.

30. The newly booked hotel seems to have been a luxury hotel in the past. Even though it was a cheap price of about 40,000 won including breakfast, the interior decoration was excellent.

31. There is no doubt that the breakfast buffet is traditional. This is the most satisfying breakfast on this trip.

32. The hotel name is Tisza Hotel.



35. Fortunately, the weather is warm and the road is not slippery.

36. Appearance of commoners’ apartments.

37. I entered rest area of ​​the gas station.

38. The inside was spacious, and I enjoyed coffee comfortably.

39. After walking for a while, people who were standing at the bus-stop saw me and waved hands to me.

40. We gathered close. They seem to be a couple going backpack. They were impressed when I introduced myself by showing the brochure.

The atmosphere was good for taking a selfie with them.



43. Outstanding architectural design catches my eye.

44. As long as these bike paths continue, there is no problem.

45. I can increase my waling speed to 6 km/h on this easy road. But it doesn’t last long.

46. On the road with three-dimensional intersection, two roundabout circular rotary are continued.

47. As you can see on the map, it is a wise method to handle smoothly the flow of vehicles without traffic lights at the intersection of the east-west expressway and the north-south ordinary road, without significantly encroaching on the land.

48. High-voltage lines stand out.

49. Budapest is 155 km away.

50. I walked for a while even after dark. The handy flash that I received as a gift the day before yesterday did a good job.

51. I saw a map of Europe hanging on the wall of the lodging I arrived at. Munich and Rome come into view.

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