[462] 2022-01-07 Population Density

1. Today’s course is ordinary 22 km.

2. I left the accommodation early today.

3. A lake and shelter near the village.

4. There was a gas station and a coffee shop outside the village.

When I got my coffee and tried to pay, my wallet was missing.

Apparently, I left my wallet behind while organizing my luggage at the accommodation.

5. I hurriedly took out dollar for emergency and negotiated with the clerk on the left side of the picture. But he shook his head. Credit cards are accepted, but not dollars. Among the two guests who were watching me, a woman came forward and paid for it. That’s a humaneness. Koesonnyong Sepen! (Thank you very much!)

6. I went back to the accommodation about 1km away. The wallet remains in the bed of the lodging. Naturally, I tend to roll up the blankets and take care of it all the way to the end. But I missed it on this day.

7. As I leave the accommodation, I met and greeted travelers from Germany on vacation.

8. Now the official departure.

9. I was eating at snack restaurant besides store in the village that I had missed earlier. I found they also sell soccer lottery tickets.

10. The lady in the store was very kind to give me handy flash and ball-point pen as present. The flash is a necessary item on the road at night. I have used a mobile phone as flash so far. This is a reliable spare.

11. Selfie with a resident in the store.

12. Two police officers came up to me. They heard a rumor that a suspicious stranger appeared in the village near the border.


14. In such cases, I show both sides of this brochure. Then, they are surprised at the pilgrimage. As always, the police is a good model for my selfie.

15. I pass by the gas station having story again.

16. I went out on a big road,

17. Another police immediately approached. Hungary must have a good security system. But he also became a model for traveler’s selfie.

18. The farmhouse sells garlic, onions and peppers.

19. The same goes for the next house. The food culture is similar to ours. This nation is called Hungary because they were descendants of the Huns. I zoomed in and took a picture.

20. I arrived at a village around lunch time.

21. Restaurants are closed due to COVID-19.

22. I had a simple meal seen in this picture, on the bench at bus stop. It was not a processed food, but raw food. It tasted good.

23. I walked through the field.

24. I was reminded of the population density of the countries I walked through.

25. Greece, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, and Hungary all have a population density about 1/5 of Korean population density. Total population may be variable, but population density per unit area is not variable. Why?

Here lies an important clue in history and civilization. The marginal productivity related to type of food seems to influence population density. In this context, what is the difference of East Asian countries which have high population density compared to European countries?

26. As I felt yesterday, Hungary has more forests even on flat land than Romania.

27. Why? Looking at the map, it seems that Romania is already a country full of forests with huge mountain ranges crossing the middle of the country. Whereas Hungary is relatively flat, and man-made forest is necessary for agriculture.

If there were all pastures, there’s no need for forests. It is said that the Mongols used this Hungarian plain as logistic base for raising horses because they liked these grasslands.

28. It is difficult to grow crops in low places where water is collected. It is better to dig the floor on a small scale and make a reservoir.

The excavated soil is used to build a mound and make forest.

It is worth investigating the possibility in terms of agricultural productivity or ecology.

29. As I walked, I found that the bike path was very well maintained except for some sections.

30. Bike path is different from farm roads.

31. Our bike path lacks in this kind of consideration. Politician Jae-oh Lee tried to improvise bicycle path for Four-Rivers Project. However, such a wide bike path has not yet been made.

32. We can lay it down from now on.

33. Entrance of Destination Village.

34. This restaurant has an interesting building style.

35. This is a housing construction site. These days, it is said that ondol hot water piping is fashionable in this region. I also experienced ondol at lodging where I stayed for a few days.

36. Solar House

37. It is a cluster-type house with a combination of several designs.

38. There are quite a few solar houses in this neighborhood.

39. With a unique design.

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