[461] 2022-01-06 From Romania to Hungary  

1. I walked diligently and arrived at the border in no time. Hungary is just 10 km away.

2. Early in the morning, I ate breakfast provided by the lodging, with garlic which I bought yesterday. It is 8 o’clock but it’s not bright.

3. Village bench with a roof.

4. Pickled vegetables are sold at street stores.

5. I wanted to taste it, but I can’t help passing. I thought, “There will be a chance, someday.”

6. Ducks in a stream outside the village.

8. Approaching the border.

9. It is a free pass at the Romanian customs office leaving the country.

10. There is a long waiting line of cars. Probably it may be difficult to enter Hungary. I walked to the clerk directly, which may be regarded as unintentional cut in.

11. My reflection on the window while waiting for check at Hungarian customs office. No South Korean has ever entered Hungary through this office. The staff called here and there for a while to find out the procedure. Certificate of 3rd round vaccination was helpful.

12. One commemorative selfie after customs clearance

13. Right after clearance, the village is 5 km away.

14. The bicycle path and pedestrian path were well maintained.

15. A village can be seen in the distance beyond the field.

16. It’s a cattle ranch.

17. Slight differences from Romanian rural areas are found.

18. Occasionally I can see the forest. It is a flat forest.

19. I entered the village.

20. Village guide map


22. The atmosphere of the village is similar to that of Hungary,

23. English did not work well at restaurant. Google’s Hungarian Translation Dictionary played a good guide. When I asked for the most popular food, they gave me potato soup first. The spicy taste was perfect. When they gave me a simple chicken cutlet dish, I showed them a picture of garlic. They grinded garlic in the kitchen and served it with olive oil. It was a delicious lunch.

24. As soon as I left the restaurant, I waved to the girls I met. I talked with the girls who showed curiosity. I took a selfie with them.

25. Today, I will rest early at the accommodation in this village.

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