[459] 2022-01-04 A Holy Hill  

1. Today’s schedule is tight. I have to walk 28km up to a small village, Lovrin. There is no lodging in between.
2. The photo of logding
3. A selfie with the owner of the lodging
4. I posed just before departure.
5. The photo of village early in the morning.
6. A neighbor suddenly calls me and offers coffee.
7. I holded pilgrimage map after a long time.
8. There are a lot of grasslands like this, on a slightly lower area near the village. Sheep are raised with grass in the lower area which is used as a retention pond during heavy rain.
9. If you look closely, sheep is quite large.
10. After walking about 10 km, an impressive hill appears. A hill of this height is rare on a wide plain.
11. It is reminiscent of ‘The Hill of Golgotha’ in the Bible.
12. As I was resting while looking at this hill, this woman got out of her car and approached me. She said she saw me walking yesterday too, and she praised me saying “beautiful.”
13. And then she gave me a bottle of honey. This is European solid honey similar to the honey I received when I walked in Bulgaria in the past. Thank you! (Mulțumesc.)
14. I ate both honey and bread which I received from the neighbor in the morning, It tasted good really. I am afraid the backpack will get heavier.
15. It is great grace of Golgotha Hill.
16. As I was passing the town of Biled, a driver who recognized me was waiting across the street to give me fruit.
17. I walked close and thanked her. But I declined the fruit because my backpack was too heavy. Then, she took out money on the spot. It’s 30 Lei about 8,000 won in Korean money. I was deeply moved.
18. I stopped by fast food truck for a quick bite.
19. This family welcomed me! In particular, she expressed curiosity while asking me a lot of questions. I ordered a sandwich, and she packed bunch of food as a bonus.
The generosity of this neighborhood is superb.

20. The police came to find a suspicious traveler.
21. After hearing my explanation, he went back. Afterwards he came back to take a selfie. Both of us look happy.
22. I am passing through a village called Sandra. They planted roses at the roadside.
23. A large-scale fertilizer factory
24. The main gate of the factory
25. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a solar farm in this country.
26. A grassland near the village.
27. It looks like a government office.
28. The Orthodox Church stands in the symbolic center of the village.
29. Playground on grassland.
30. The traveler from South Korea is popular with people on this road.
31. A comfortable scene with a bench in front of the house
32. Twenty-eight kilometer a day is a long course. It is a long-distance march.
33. This is a rural landscape with many fallows.
34. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a sunset hanging on the horizon. It usually gets dark after 5 o’clock at this time of the year and on a normal cloudy winter day. It is very rare to meet such a bright scene at this time. The weather seems to protect the traveler who is walking late.
35. I arrived at the entrance of the village with lodging around 6 o’clock.
36. I took a selfie with a villager who recognized the traveler and came out of his car.

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