[458] 2022-01-03 Walking from Timisoara

1. The course of the first day is 18km which goes from Democracy Square in the center of Timisoara City to a small town to the northwest. For this pilgrimage, I greatly reduced my luggage and put it in my backpack. It is a little bit heavy because I walk with my luggage. But I can manage my luggage while I walk without difficulty. It’s also convenient because I don’t need to come back to the starting point to retrieve my luggage. All I need is to go forward.
2. An ancient waterworks in the center of the city
3. Timisoara Democracy Square. It is the site that opened a new history in 1989.
4. A selfie
5. Commemorative statue
6. Sculpture in the square. I don’t know the title, but it seems to satirize modern people who steeped in mobile phone.
7. The buildings in old downtown are depicted with metal material in three dimension. It is more elegant than a map-type information board.
8. The old centers of European cities have such elegant and safe roads for walkers.
9. I walk along the road.
10. Then, I meet another square. The origin of square may be found in Athens Square of Greece which was the site of ancient democracy. Modern democracy was revived also in square. In our case, both democratic revolution in 1987 and the candlelight revolution in 2016 took place in the square. In this context, Timisoara Square looks more special.
11. People are working to manage parks outside the city.
12. The feature of the landscape of European cities is the cable for trams or electric buses.
13. This city adopted designing with modern sense actively.
14. A park cemetery in center of the city.
15. While walking, I stopped by a Vodaphone store and bought a USIM card. The top number will be the phone number used in Romania. If you call me by a regular phone in Korea, the number is +40790626514.
I was uncomfortable with using expensive Korean mobile service during the holidays. I got it very cheaply from a store that just opened.
16. This is details of the USIM card which the clerk wrote me on memo. With new USIM card, I can use 60GB by paying about 10,000 Korean won.
I would like to use this opportunity for complaining. Internet communication costs in Korea are too expensive. Compared to the five countries that I have walked from Greece, mobile cost in Korea seems to be two or four times more expensive. I think it is necessary to check whether collusion of companies caused excessive profits. Internet communication is used by everyone in every countries. The collusion structure should be corrected. If there was excessive profit, it should be returned to the consumers.
17. I had a little of jet lag. At a restaurant, I ate kebab as breakfast & lunch.
18. Apartments in Eastern European countries usually do not exceed 10 floors. Since it is a country in the plains, living on high floors would bring about dizzy.
Koreans are accustomed to mountaineering. So Koreans do not mind living in skyscraper as long as the apartment price rises.
19. Wheat farming.
20. This seems to be fallow.
21. This field is ambiguous. The soil color is black. This seems to be fertile soil.
22. Wheat is flourishing at field.
The villages are scarce in European farmland. Even if there are villages, they are sparsely located far away. Wheat farming does not require water management or collaboration. These days, it is done with agrimotors.
23. A straight road. Occasionally I hear a double horn. The driver lowers the car window and waves hand to encourage the pilgrim.
24. The destination village is getting closer.
25. A village named Becicherecu Mic.
27. I arrived at lodging. I looked down a small but elegant town.
This is a village-type inn which I found by searching on BOOK.COM.
The lodging price was about 50,000 won per night, and breakfast was served.
The room is spacious and the facilities are good.
It’s a good era to walk around the world.^^

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