Resuming pilgrimage to Europe 2  

COVID-19 is under control. Looking at European statistics so far, it seems that infections are becoming commonplace while the death toll has not increased significantly. It looks like the flu. At this level, I decided it was worth starting out. Since I’ve waited so long that I think this winter vacation is a chance.

In positive perspective, I think that the two years of COVID-19 were a time when mankind’s wisdom to overcome inconvenience of no-meeting was demonstrated.

Again, I recall the words of the two religious leaders.

I met His Holiness the Dalai Lama after walking 5,000 km.

He said, “Do your best to save from the dangers of nuclear power plants. I want Korea and Japan work together.”

Then, after crossing Central Asia and the Middle East by plane and train, His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Orthodox Church, whom I met in Constantinople (Istanbul), said, “Do the work of saving the Earth from dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear power to the end.”

I also recall the contents of ‘the 2018 Seoul Draft of The Charter on Earth-Life’, which was dedicated to the two great celebrity.

The last two months of pilgrimage conducted in early 2019 covered about 950km course of Greece – North Macedonia – Bulgaria – Serbia. In the two months of 2022, I plan to travel 960km from Romania to Hungary, Slovakia to Austria (Czech Republic) to Germany.

I would be supposed to meet riverside nuclear power plants since I walk the road along the Danube River. Germany at which I will arrive after mid-February, will meet the year of achieving the goal of phase-out of nuclear power. I would like to celebrate hard work and achievements of German people, and take the time to rejoice with them.

I think it will appeal significantly to Social Network Service to insist nuclear-free trend through walking in Europe during presidential election in Korea. In particular, I think the “Invitational lecture and talk-show of religious union” which will be held on 18th January, is a good opportunity to inform to the presidential candidates the practical importance and urgency of nuclear phase-out. This event was conceived before I start pilgrimage. It is advantage of SNS era that I can plan and prepare this event while I walk in Europe.

Meanwhile, my pilgrimage was reported by Kyunghyang Newspaper in November 2016. At that time I promised to quit drinking until I arrive at Vatican. Five years have passed since I quit drinking.

In this summer I will cross the Alps and try to get to the Vatican.

Arriving at Rome as soon as possible, I want to enjoy raw rice wine (makgeolli) and wine again which I liked to drink. I would like to express my gratitude to the 100-committee members who have supported me for the past 5 years, and the teachers who gave me lots of guidance.

– Wonyoung Lee,

Leader of New Silk Road for Life & No-Nukes Pilgrimage

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