[457] 2022-01-02 Toward Timisoara by train

1. Today, I travel from Bucharest to Timisoara by train for 10 hours.
I took this picture of Google Map while I move.
2. The scenery outside the window while I move early by train.
3. The Great Plains continue.
4. Even in such a place where water is collected, pond or reservoir is not built. Low places which may be used as ponds in Southeast Asia, are used as farmland in this area. Growing wheat or pasture dose not demand much water, and is quite different from rice farming which requires much water.
5. The hills overlooking the wide flatland are also used as pastures.
6. Looking at Romania’s topographic landscape, large mountain range cross the plain in the shape of Taegeuk. This explains why hydroelectric power plants are abundant. Romania and Bulgaria lie on a flat plain, and the Danube River divides the border.
7. I searched the data and found quite a few hydroelectric power plants. It supplies 25~30% of total electricity. That is why there were not many solar panels in this country.
8. I am passing the edge of mountain range.
9. I was looking out the window and suddenly a thought occurred to me. I wrote a note.
10. If candidate Lee Jae-myeong becomes president, and if I find a public official who understands my idea, I will put this memo into action. I hope this idea spreads widely.
11. Exotic flocks of sheep
12. This picture was taken well even in a moving train.
13. I arrived at Timisoara. If COVID-19 did not appear two years ago, I might had come to this city from Serbia. Now I start walking again from this city.
14. Timisoara with a population of 300,000 is a remarkable city in the history of world democracy. The torch of the people’s uprising that overthrew the Ceausescu dictatorship was started in this city. A city like Gwangju of Korea.
15. The Orthodox Church in the center of the City
16. January 2nd is the New Year’s holiday in this country. The manger of the birth of Jesus is reproduced in the square.
17. Commemorative selfie
18. Pictures taken around sunset.
21. Finally, I will start walking tomorrow.

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