[456] 2022-01-01 Bucharest

I woke up at Bucharest to welcome New Year. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania. 33 years ago, Romanians rose up against dictator, Ceausescu who killed hundreds of innocent people. They succeded in expelling Ceausescu in 1989.

The Romanian history gives a meaningful lesson to Koreans. I wish this year to be the starting point of no-nuke era. I wish the established forces which advocate pro-Japan and pro-nuke policies to be rooted out. I wish this year to be the restoring point of conscience and safety.

1. NORD train station of Bucharest. I stayed at lodging near the station.
2. I saw streetcar.
3. Orthodox church
4. I could see this kind of street-friendly apartments which have stores at first floor. This kind apartment is very common in other countries. In our case, apartment buildings are isolated from the street.

5. Benches are open to everyone, and well managed. In aging society, old people mostly rely on walking. Benches are essential for old people.

6. The nation is not rich, though, I could find well-prepared public facilities which is a traditional feature of socialist nations.
7. I saw a triumphal arch which resembled Paris arch of triumph.
10. Lakeside garden nearby
11. Clear water and cozy environment.
14. I found a restaurant in order to try Korean food. It was closed on New Year’s Day. I took a picture of an old model of Benz nearby.
15. I rode streetcar going to National History Museum.
16. I took a selfie with the driver(woman). She was waving hand inside the car.
18. There was a small and clean stream at downtown. The stream was small, but it seemed to keep historical importance.
19. The police headquarter building looked nice.
20. Historical museum was closed too. I was disappointed because Google Map indicated that it was open. I took a picture of a palace nearby.
21. I took rest sitting on bench in front of a cafe.
22. The owner of cafe said, “I have a friend from North Korea. I like Korean food very much.”
23. She showed me the list of Korean food written in English and Korean.
24. I took a selfie with her. In picture, my clothes looked warm.
25. The Supreme Court building.

At first glance Romania seems, compared to Bulgaria, to keep strong European atmosphere. I have enough time to find out if my first impression is true.

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