[455]-1 Cernavoda NPP

I stayed for a short peiod of time at Cernavoda nuclear power plant, CANDU model. I looked around the power plant which was the only nuclear power plant in Romania. It was located at downstream of Danube River, and was very close to the Black Sea.

1. Video of the Black Sea: cozy atmosphere which is different from the image made by the name.

2. The problem is that radioactive effuents from Chernobyl and other nuclear power plants at Danube tributaries flow into the Black Sea. This fact explains the cancer story of Turkish youth whom I met at summer of 2018.


3. Location of Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania pilgrimage plan.

Wikipedia explains about Cernavoda nuclear power plant.


4. The landscape along the railway.
5. I got off the train at a small station. I walked about 30 minutes and arrived at a place where I could see both Danube river and nuclear power plant. This picture is meaningful. There are three rivers. Right-hand side is upstream, and left-hand side is downstream.
6. The place where I took this picture is road in the left & upper side. The Cernavoda NPP is located at right & lower side.
7. The village and landscape at downstream of Danube. The river flow was decreased considerably.
8. This rive flow and,
9. Enters into the Black Sea via Ismail.
11. Let’s look at again. NPP requires lots of water. In order to cool the nuclear reactor, NPP needs river flow or seawater as much as the quantity of downstream of Korean Han River. This picture explains that cooling water is coming from Danube river. The water after cooling is going to the canal instead of sea. The canal carries freight to Constanta port.
12. Canal floodgate near NPP.
13. I took a picture of canal waterway from the train.
14. Barges with freight are moving up and down the canal.
15. On the other hand, ships are moving at downstream of the river which is far from NPP.

Therefore, the discharge water from NPP is used for canal water. This may be seen as “Killing two birds with one stone.” But, there comes a question. CANDU model is known as discharging radioactive tritium in large quantity. The coolants are not going back to the river, but they enter into canal and finally into the Black Sea. Are they checking the radioactivity of the canal and the Black Sea properly? Danube River is an international river, and receives transnational monitoring. But how about local canal in Romania? Is monitoriong of radioactive materials proper and sufficient?

16. Someone found a suspicious foreigner like me, and called a young plainclothes soldier. The young man approached me and asked about my identification. I told him about my walking pilgrimage. He admired.
17. My story was spread among the soldiers and neighbors. This student, 15 years old, came to me and took a selfie.

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