[455]2021-12-31 Bucharest & Constanta

Long time since I wrote pilgrim’s diary.

1. Incheon Airport
2. Inside airplane
3. It is no wonder that music of Chopin is prepared inside Polish airplane. The music was played by Seong-Jin Cho.
4. I found a wonderful phrase while I watch Joan Rowling’s video speech recorded in mobile phone.
5. I enered into airport railway cabin just after I arrived at Bucharest.
6. It was 2 a.m. when I arrived at railway station.
7. I was web-surfing in station waiting room and found, in facebook, my photo taken one year ago.
8. First-class train going to Black Sea. Since the travel distance was short, I tried first class trian. I enjoyed luxurious train-travel in Europe.
9. I arrived at Constanta which was known as a rich distribution city. I walked 3 kilometers toward the sea. My face gained more wrinkles compared to 2017 when I started silkroad pilgrimage.
10. At last, I arrived at Black Sea.
11. Batumi of Georgia which I visited at Summer in 2018 is located at the opposite side of the Black Sea.
12. Artistic atmohphere may come from richness of the city.
13. I visited museum.
14. I could see paintings which showed the Blace Sea at background.
17. I found nomadic culture in painting.
18. I could feel nice atmohphere in the streets.
20. Canopy over the bench in front of Constanta station.

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